The No Good, Very Bad Death of BeeSexxxy

RIP BeeSexxxy (? – 2011)

Sad news today from – an anonymous source directed the above photo to us, offering incontrovertible proof that BeeSexxxy (mascot and talisman for an eponymously named team at Camp Pull-A-Shot) was killed and ritualistically burned on the last night of camp. Our sincere condolences to Scott Lucey and everyone else on the BeeSexxxy team. Sunrise, sunset, ashes to ashes, and may BeeSexxxy’s memory live on forever in the hearts of everyone he (she? it?) touched.

Send your messages of love and sadness to @beesexxxy on Twitter.


  1. says

    I Can’t Stand It Anymore!  I think I’m responsible.  

    I don’t think I’m necessarily guilty of 3rd degree sexxxy slaughter but I must add my list to the suspects.

    I am a member of Beesexxxy and I had it last. 

    • says

      Ok Clancy, just hand her over.  Shipping isn’t even going to bee that exxxpensive, less than five buxxx. Just drop beesexxxy into a lil ol box and send her off to 2999 humboldt blvd milwaukee wi 53212 attn: scott lucey.  
      Do that it’ll all be over.  Please.  Please.

  2. says

    PLUS! BeeseXXXy only had a tiny amount of brown hair.  What we see here in the photo is much more than she had.  That photo is clearly a wad of pubes.  Stirring the pot is fun, but it’s not going to work.  Sheesh.

  3. says

    BeeseXXXy is going to pull a Tupac on all your asses.  I know it, I just know it.  Whatever devious person out there STOLE her is going to give up and send her back to me in the mail.
    2999 humboldt blvd
    milwaukee wi 53212

    Thank you.

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