That’s So Schomer! Veni, Vidi, Vivace Blog

That’s So Schomer! Veni, Vidi, Vivace Blog

Welcome to our newest feature: That’s So Schomer! The editorial department here at TSS has but one mandate: to highlight Vivace owner and leading espressovangelist David Schomer and his wacky, raunchy blog. Caps lock WACK! Caps lock RAUNCH! David’s not afraid to go there, people, and the other day? He went there! That’s So Schomer!

Where did he go, exactly? It was post titled “Roasting For Espresso“, but it turned into David roasting a lot more than that!

I will state here that any lemony flavors in the final cup indicate a defective espresso coffee.  A persistent lemony flavor in the cup through a wide variety of extraction parameters means that the defect resides in the roast.

Oh, no, he Ditting! That’s So Schomer! Square Mile owner and WBC champ James Hoffmann weighed in on JimSeven:

I’m very uncomfortable when people state that what they are doing is “right” and what other people are doing is “wrong”.  It fosters a homogenous and ultimately monotonous coffee experience for the customer, and I think it holds back those who are trying to experiment and progress.  We need to foster a culture where disagreement is ok, and considered healthy.

James pulled the same excerpt from Schomer’s blog we did. What James left out was Schomer’s final word:

Choosing a roast for a single origin bean is a very personal choice and should generate heated discussion about the best way to roast it. The individuality is what makes a coffee culture. (Take a look at the great bloom of craft brewers going in the US, making some of the best beers on the planet.  Dozens of styles, beautiful).

Schomer says that new age single origin forward roasters want to find the unique flavors in each coffee, and asserts, “This is a ‘given’ when we approach roasting any coffee: we want to taste that unique coffee. We don’t want lemony flavors or burnt rubber.

Mr. Schomer visited hundreds of cafes in Northern Italy in the late eighties searching for best espresso. He’s been doing this for decades! It’s understandable that someone who has spent the last twenty-five years perfecting a specific style of  espresso experience is turned off by a lemony espresso.

That said, if you pull Schomer a straight up dope shot of some sweet ass Country Fresh lemonade up in that demitasse and he gives you the “brick wall, waterfall, splish splash, kiss my ass”, well you got every right to get on your Twitter feed and throw him some shade. But until then, you best respect David Schomer. He’s an OG.



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