Sprudge Sunday Magazine – Issue #4 (#XtremeKone Contest)


In the tradition of the Onion’s Sunday Magazine, welcome to Sprudge Sunday Magazine. In our fourth issue we’re celebrating the #XtremeKone Contest with Able Brewing. The winner of the contest was Matt Dittemore, of Entimos Coffee, for his entry "Kone With A View". But our magazine cover is dedicated to "Kone Koma", the second place winning … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake: February 9th, 2013


Welcome to another edition of our weekly Saturday news magazine, “Last Week With Ben Blake”. Mr. Blake is Sprudge.com’s trusty news intern, and a world-traveling illustration genius. Check out Draw Coffee for more of Ben's work. NWRBC Champs! Following three days of fierce competition, your NWRBC Barista and Brewer's Cup Champs have been … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake: Week of January 19th, 2012


Ben Blake is Sprudge.com's weekend news intern, illustrious illustrator, and temporary Italian. Follow him on Twitter and learn more about his art at Draw Coffee. Green doodle of the #XtremeKone Contest, inspired of course, by the once-popular soft drink "SURGE." #XtremeKone Contest - A contest is afoot! We've teamed up with our good friends … [Read more...]