Now Reading: Tim Wendelboe Breaks Down Coffee Pricing


The must-read coffee blog of the week comes to us from Tim Wendelboe, writing on his own Wendelblog. The World Barista Champion has published a two-part post entitle "coffee is cheap", in which he breaks down coffee's pricing structure, rails against those who complain about his coffee being expensive, explains why his own shop eschews Fair Trade … [Read more...]

Wendelboe’s Wendelbog: “Soy No Mi Gusta”

A bold move. And we support it 100%. We have once again tasted soy milk in our coffees and have come to the conclusion to stop offering soy milk in our drinks. The main reason for this is that we really don’t like the flavour of it. It is very difficult to get a nice coffee flavour in soy milk and the better ones are too sweet and grainy on the … [Read more...]