Bits & Pieces: Spokane Area Baristas Bare All, Bear Arms


In July of 2013, Sprudge correspondent Hanna Neuschwander visited Spokane, Washington to document the city's burgeoning and quality-focused coffee scene. Her feature focused on 5 of the city's very best cafes, serving top roasters from across the country. Since then, two more Spokane cafes have received considerable media attention - Jitterz Java … [Read more...]

Specialty Coffee Marijuana Blog Blazes New Trail In Washington

"I take two with mine," (Spro & Dro)

In the United States, Colorado and Washington voters passed legislation legalizing marijuana, ending nine decades of pot prohibition. Although it's anyone's guess if these new laws will be fought in court by the federal government, a group of Washington residents have taken to the blogs to express their love of high grade medical cannabis paired … [Read more...]

#YesEqual: Homophobes Attack Starbucks


Right now the fight is ON in Washington State for some pending gay marriage legislation. And guess who's on board with the moral support? Those big bunch of queens at Starbucks corporate. Here's a quote from Karen Holmes, Starbucks Executive VP: Starbucks is proud to join other leading Northwest employers in support of Washington State … [Read more...]

Meet The Producer: Local Yokel Grows Coffee In Rural Western Washington

A Yokel With A Vision

From Kona to Kitsap County, from El Salvador to Silverdale. God only knows what this guy needs a 10,000 square-foot greenhouse for... You can purchase these Kitsap coffee plants at “Nobody grows coffee beans in Kitsap, so I get the privilege of naming a new coffee bean,” he said. Noster has already sold and given away many … [Read more...]