You Should Read This Wall Street Journal Feature On The Rising Demand For Good Coffee

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On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal posted a story titled "Ritzier Coffee Brews Contract Conflicts"-- this feature is well worth a read. Going beyond traditional narratives in coffee market stories, Leslie Josephs looks not just at supply-side issues contributing to rising coffee prices, but also at the effects that evolving consumer demands are … [Read more...]

Wall Street Journal Endorses The Single Cup Pod Machines


Sign of end times? An unstoppable force? The future of coffee? Call it what you will, but whatever it is, it's happening - and happening at an alarming rate. Single cup machines are huge. The Wall Street Journal today offered up a real doozy of a piece on the wonders of the new pod machines, with a full page spread in the "Personal Journal" … [Read more...]

Lattes, Muffins, Drug Screenings, Paternity Tests


An enterprising young New Jersey coffee entrepreneur has been profiled by the Wall Street Journal's blog. Mona Pryor is a bit of a legend in the city of Camden, just across the river from Philadelphia, where her bustling (if uncreatively named) City Coffee cafe is a one-stop-shop for drinks, tax preparation, paternity tests, and a great place to … [Read more...]