Last Week With Ben Blake – Week Of September 14th, 2013


  If you're anything like me, you've spent the last week glued to the home page clicking "refresh." It's been a week packed full of incredible content from all over the world—from high-end coffee developments in Vietnam to a parade of photos of the brand new Stumptown LA. In case you missed it, here's what's happened in the … [Read more...]

“A Template For Life”: Will Frith And Specialty Coffee In Vietnam

384838_2445168851991_1974545817_n first met Will Frith back in January 2012, when he was competing in the Brewers Cup portion of that year's Northwest Regional Barista Championship on behalf of Olympia Coffee Roasting Company. But his presence in our archives goes all the way back to April 2010 (in our early, funny days), in the comments section attached to this bit of … [Read more...]

Full Cardboard Jacket: Vietnam Coffee King’s War On Starbucks


Will Trung Nguyen be bigger than Starbucks? Dang Le Nguyen Vu, Vietnam's "Coffee King", is aiming for a robust(a) global expansion of his Vietnam-based coffee brand. And he's not afraid to bird dog and mean mug on Starbucks while he works to reach that goal. Via Reuters: "Our ambition is to become a global brand," the chairman of privately-owned … [Read more...]

“What we need, and I’m tellin’ you true, is a Coffee House Rendezvous”

We're proud to present this groovy documentary on coffee houses in the 1960s, "Coffee House Rendezvous". Let's agree on two things: 1. What they're drinking in videos like this (and the one we posted last week on the late-50s London coffee scene) would almost certainly be considered brackish slime water by today's high standards. 2. Coffee … [Read more...]