Seattle To Host Star-Studded 2015 World AeroPress Championship Event


Anticipation for the 2015 World AeroPress Championship circuit has reached a fever pitch, as new national champions are crowned every day in coffee-loving nations all across the planet. Today is the moment fans of this circuit have been waiting for, as we can finally announce details for the 2015 World AeroPress Championship event! The 2015 WAC … [Read more...]

Inside The Coffee Service At Noma Tokyo

Sprudge-Hengtee-Noma - pots and cups 01

At 9:30 a.m., Noma Tokyo is a slow pulse of activity—in the kitchen, punk rock blasts from a mini-speaker while ingredients are prepared, glasses are shined, and hand towels are rolled. In the quieter open space of the dining rooms, tables are set for the day’s lunch, while light chatter wafts through the air. Occasionally René Redzepi, head chef … [Read more...]

BREAK IN: Tim Wendelboe Coffee Burglarized And You’ll Never Guess What They Stole


Someone broke in at TW last night! Et bilde publisert av Talor Browne (@tataterrific) Jan. 23, 2015 at 2:30 PST Tim Wendelboe, the internationally acclaimed cafe and roastery owned and operated by World Barista Champion Tim Wendelboe, was the victim of a late-night looting last evening in Oslo. Roaster Talor Browne was the first to report … [Read more...]

The New Black: A Multiroaster Modular Cafe Concept In Singapore

The New Black Singapore-TNB_Interior

Singapore’s Central Business District: on any given workday, hundreds of thousands of urban professionals will flock into the densely packed city centre for the day’s trade. Their coffee choices—for the sake of convenience—will typically be limited to whatever is available in the office pantry, along their morning commute, or in the vicinity of … [Read more...]

MANE: Building The Next Generation Of Coffee Pros In Rhode Island

MANE 2014-IMG_1544

The 2014 MANE (Mid Atlantic North East Regional) Coffee Conference took place this past weekend in Providence, RI. This was the 8th MANE conference, and the second one I attended, and even in the two short years since my first MANE experience, the event has grown substantially, furthering its commitment to bringing accessible, high quality coffee … [Read more...]

Is This Coffee’s First Michelin Star?

Scandinavian Embassy Amsterdam-0142

Inasmuch as you care about how we find our stories, this one happened quite by accident. It came on the tail end of a trip to Europe for the madness that is the World Barista Championships, held last summer in Rimini, Italy. You lose a couple of days on your way into Europe from the American west coast; sure, convince yourself that you are a master … [Read more...]

Look At Norwegian Coffee Roaster Tim Wendeboe’s Brazilian Moon Pod


Tim Wendelboe of Tim Wendelboe is a Norwegian Swiss Army Knife: World Barista Champion, coffee roaster owner/operator, green-coffee buyer, noted speaker, and most recently, a South American moon-pod dwelling enthusiast. Wendelboe has been spotted staying in an incredible James-Bond-villain-esque lodge in Espírito Santo, overlooking Pedra Azul in … [Read more...]

The Coffee Scene At MAD Symposium: Tim Wendelboe, Drop, Koppi, Workshop, and More!

Anne Lunnell.

On 25th and 26th August, Sprudge joined the epicurean masses at MAD Symposium, keen to see how the culinary and coffee industries would dovetail. Within both industries MAD plays host to people with levels of passion and skill beyond normalcy, the likes of which are rarely found together in one spot. I arrived at 9am sharp to find an equally … [Read more...]

The World’s Best Cooks (And Sprudge) Will Be At MAD Symposium In Copenhagen

mad food 4

In just one week, the leaders of the progressive food world will descend on the city of Copenhagen for the fourth installment of MAD Symposium, hosted by the MAD Food group, "a community of chefs, cooks and farmers with an appetite for knowledge." This year's event is co-curated by Alex Atala, of the award-winning D.O.M. restaurant in São Paolo. … [Read more...]

Will The High-Design Balance Brewer Solve All Our Coffee Problems?


Over the last few years, in the United Kingdom and around the world, there has been a marked increase in cafes intelligently using batch brewers to make delicious specialty coffee. It's created a new milieu in which progressive coffee bars often offer a few different filter options, some hand-poured, others carefully batch-brewed, and both … [Read more...]

Mockingbird Hill, A New Washington DC Coffee Bar With Global Ambitions

Mockingbird Hill DC Sprudge-3007

Thinking about Washington, D.C., politics, transiency, and a high crime rate have generally been the things that come to mind, but the US capitol is slowly growing into its identity as a high-flying food and drink hub. Flagship restaurants from top chefs, pockets of breweries, and brand new cafes are shifting the debate away from whether or not … [Read more...]

Take A Chance On Me: Budin Brings Scandinavian Coffee To NYC


If there's one place even New York City is jealous of, it's Scandinavia, and the latest NYC cafe to hitch its wagon to a rising fjord is Greenpoint, Brooklyn's Budin. The spacious, ambitious, Nordic-flavored shop opened this past Friday to much of the usual "Norway, isn't that near the North Pole?" and "Would you believe how much this latte costs?" … [Read more...]

Tim Wendelboe Releases 2013 Coffee Buying Transparency Report

tim wendelboe tamana breakdown

Our friends and partners at Tim Wendelboe have just released their annual price transparency report for 2013. These sorts of reports are becoming increasingly popular--Counter Culture Coffee have been releasing theirs for four years and Coffee Bean International have been releasing theirs for three. This is the third year of TW reporting the prices … [Read more...]

21 Illustrated Questions For Tim Wendelboe


When my boyfriend and I visited Oslo a few years ago, Tim Wendelboe the shop was at the top of our list of places to visit, somewhere above Munch Museum and Vigelandsparken. As we sat in the café and waited for our coffees to cool, Tim Wendelboe the man walked in. We stared and whispered like schoolchildren and contemplated asking him to sign our … [Read more...]

Tim Wendelboe Has A New Book, All About A Farm In Colombia


Tim Wendelboe is the consummate coffee professional: he's the 2004 World Barista Champion; we're partners with his eponymous and internationally renowned coffee roaster in Oslo, Norway; and he's the author of one of the most accessible, comprehensive books out there on preparing and enjoying quality coffee. Over the last few years, his namesake … [Read more...]

Búðin NYC: Bringing Tim Wendelboe & Koppi Coffees to Greenpoint


It's sad but true: central Williamsburg is rapidly approaching Peak Coffee. There's space for a few more cold-pressed juice bars and maybe three more over-the-top heritage menswear emporiums, but if you want to open a cutting-edge retail coffee concept, you'd best look further afield if you want to be competitive. Take Búðin, an ambitious new … [Read more...]