5 Cafe Names That Have OUTRAGEOUS Backstories…#4 Will Freak You Out!


What’s in a name? A spro by any other name would taste just as sweet. But to a coffee shop, that collection of letters designating a sequence of sounds referring to a thing, action, or idea is pretty important. The name is generally the first piece of information a customer gets about a shop, the introduction […]

[WARNING: VIRAL] 5 Cafes To Visit In Austin For SXSW

Sprudge Ethan Billips Austin RadioUgly Fox (Just for Alex)

March Madness is upon us once again, but not the American college basketball trope with the bracketology and the bubble teams. This madness, nay, lunacy, is the 70,000-plus-person invasion of Austin, Texas known as South by Southwest, the weeklong multimedia blowout turning anything resembling a street in ATX into a parking lot. It is a […]

In Dallas, A Texas-Sized Roasting Space For Tweed Coffee

Tweed Roastery Texas-Garage Door View

Tweed Coffee Roasters in Dallas is expanding. Though it’s one of the more recognizable Dallas coffee brands, Tweed has had a fairly nomadic existence over the past 18 months‚ roasting out of Cultivar Coffee’s east side roastery while the company figured out the hows and wheres of finding a permanent homestead. Tweed has since found that […]

Trend Watch: Nitro Cold Brew In A Can From Cuvée Coffee

(Via Facebook)

Austin, Texas roasting company Cuvée Coffee has put Black & Blue, their “Nitrogenated Cold Craft Coffee” in ready-to-drink cans in a video/social media announcement this morning. According to Cuvée, in 2015 you’ll be able to sip on some nitrogen-carbonated cold brew coffee can goodness for yourself. Here’s the video released today: And a video explaining what the hell […]

Denton Does Dallas: Cultivar Coffee Expands North

Cultivar Coffee Denton Texas

Cultivar Coffee has long been one of the driving forces in Dallas specialty coffee. Back in early 2011 when owners Nathan Shelton and Jonathan Meadows opened the East Dallas storefront for their roastery, a coffee “scene” didn’t really exist—there was a micro-roaster or two and a handful of baristas immersing themselves in coffee culture, but […]

Go Inside Cuvee Coffee’s State Of The Art Austin Cafe

Cuvee Austin-Bar Wide 1-2

Cuvee Coffee is a recognizable force in Austin coffee and by extension, Texas coffee. Founded back in 1998, they are today one of the oldest and most established specialty coffee roasters in Texas. The brand’s signature light blue packaging has appeared on top cafe shelfs across the city, and Caffe Medici, Houndstooth, and Once Over […]

A Seoul Roaster, Now Brewing In Dallas At Ascension Coffee

Ascension Namusairo -Namusairo Bags 1

It’s an exciting time to be a coffee drinker in Dallas. From the opening of Houndstooth to the wide array of shops bringing in solid guest roasters from around the country, the horizons have broadened exponentially from where they were just a few short years ago. More than just guesting a lively cross-section of American roasters, […]

Inside The Brand New Houndstooth Coffee Dallas Location

Houndstooth Dallas-Outside Wide

When Austin-based Houndstooth Coffee announced last December that they were planning a store in Dallas, it created an audible hum amongst the city’s coffee community. Dallas, where I am based, has in recent years felt like a second fiddle when compared to the wildly exciting food and coffee scene in nearby Austin, a city known […]

Openings: Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors In Austin, TX

Figure 8 Coffee Austin-Bar Shot 1

One of the many great characteristics of a thriving coffee city is a prevalence of quality neighborhood shops. While the high-concept cafes often serve as bellwethers for a coffee scene, there are generally few and far-between. A few concept bars does not a coffee scene make, while a robust network of neighborhood shops indicates that […]

Topo Chico is Espresso’s Best Friend in Texas

Photo by Desiree Espada.

As interest in specialty coffee continues its meteoric rise, so too has the number of shops opening in big cities and small towns around the world. Here in the United States, coffee bars have been experimenting for years with different ways to enhance their espresso service for their customers, or at the very least distinguish […]