Topo Chico is Espresso’s Best Friend in Texas

Photo by Desiree Espada.

As interest in specialty coffee continues its meteoric rise, so too has the number of shops opening in big cities and small towns around the world. Here in the United States, coffee bars have been experimenting for years with different ways to enhance their espresso service for their customers, or at the very least distinguish it from that of their … [Read more...]

Seventh Flag Coffee Unfurls Over South Austin

Seventh Flag Coffee-Flag ceiling

On June 4th, Seventh Flag Coffee officially opened their storefront at 1506 South 1st Street in Austin, flying their new coffee flag over Texas. Quick history lesson for anyone not living within the borders of the great nation of Texas--throughout the course of its history, six countries have expressed sovereignty over at least some part of Texas. … [Read more...] Adds Two New Regional Desks – Now Seeking Writers Worldwide


Allow us this momentary break in bringing you coffee news from around the world to talk, if only briefly, about some exciting internal news at Sprudge. Our publication is rapidly approaching its 5th birthday; it continues to be wholly owned and operated by Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman, and funded by a carefully chosen network of brand … [Read more...]

Method Caffeination & Fare And The Coming Dallas Coffee Boom

Outside Straight On

In Texas, summer is an ecstatic time of year. Enter triple-digit heat waves and neverending conversations about how hot it is. Bring on mad dashes to the nearest pools, lakes, or rivers in search of cold beer and colder waters. Book time for weekend barbecues where the most temperate spot is right next to the grill. These are the hot, hard facts of … [Read more...]

Houndstooth Coffee Pops-Up (Briefly) Ahead Of Dallas Expansion


Situated amongst gastro pubs, hipster dives, craft beer bars, and a coffee shop or two sits Transit Bicycle Company in Dallas’s finally-cool-again Lower Greenville neighborhood. On Saturday, April 12th it was home to the first Dallas pop-up for Austin’s Houndstooth Coffee, officially marking the shop’s introduction to the North Texas coffee scene. … [Read more...]

“Road Does Not End” — Evocation Coffee Blooms In Amarillo

Brew Bar

Tucked discreetly in a business park seven miles south of downtown Amarillo, TX is the roasting lab and espresso bar for Evocation Coffee Roasters. The location is a bit off the beaten path, even for Amarillo, a city of around 200,000 inhabitants in the remote Texas Panhandle. There isn’t much in the way of signage at Evocation; only a simple white … [Read more...]

On The Lonely Texas Highway, Coffee’s Your Only Friend

Canyon Cowboy2

Twenty miles south of Amarillo lies Canyon, Texas, a town of around 13,000 inhabitants that in many ways feels like a holdover from frontier times. The terrain is harsh and unforgiving, but ruggedly beautiful. Thanks to the onslaught of dust storms, the sky in Canyon is perpetually fading from blue to golden brown as it nears the … [Read more...]

This New Coffee & Cocktail Bar In Texas Is Nothing Short Of Extraordinary


Waco, Texas is decidedly a small town. Though it may be home to Baylor University and its 15,000 students, Waco feels more akin to other small Texas towns than it does to bigger cities like Dallas or Houston. It’s a place where the urbane fades quickly into the pastoral the farther you meander off the highway. This isn’t the typical setting in … [Read more...]

Houston: Blacksmith By Night This Sunday with Chef Grant Gordon


It's been 7 months since we covered the opening of Blacksmith, the new coffee & biscuit destination on Houston's Westheimer Street from David Buehrer and Ecky Probanto of Greenway Coffee. They've had a "super-serious food program" in the space since day one - the cafe is a collaboration with noted Montrose tastemakers Hay Merchant, Anvil, … [Read more...]

Barista Nation Texas: We Wish We’d Gone, But Here’s A Recap


Last week, Barista Nation brought its innovative series of free specialty coffee events to Dallas, Texas and the new Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters location. We were all booked to travel to Dallas for the event, but Super Storm Sandy pretty deeply screwed up our itinerary (we were going to be in Atlantic City first, to cover the now-postponed NERBC). … [Read more...]

Well Kiss My Grits: Barista Nation Does Dallas


Discovery! Development! Collaboration! Lunch! It's all happening at Barista Nation Texas, which goes down in Dallas on Monday, November 5th. The last day to register for this event is 10/31/12, and registration is cheap and easy. Simply go to and donate $10, then email your receipt to Oak Cliff Coffee … [Read more...]

Terror Diacetyl: The Coffee Flavoring Agent of Death


There could be a potentially dangerous additive in your flavored coffee. It opens up a pandora's box of questions about the FDA, their motives, and who controls them. The chemical in question doesn't even need to be listed on the ingredients list, as it falls under the baffling catch-all of "Natural Flavorings". And it's found in products up and … [Read more...]

La Marzocco Texas Roadshow: Austin Paradise

strada_across_texas co-founder and writer Jordan Michelman spent a week driving across the great state of Texas with the La Marzocco Road Show crew. They visited Houston, Dallas, and now Austin - this is the final dispatch. After more driving, on what turned out to be a truly memorable and, dare say it, epic road trip with La Marzocco for their Texas … [Read more...]

Now Listening: Longshot ATX Podcast


  There's a new coffee podcast out of Austin, Texas that's worth a listen. Houndstooth founder Paul Henry and barista trainer Daniel "Stinky Pete" Reid have released the first episode of the Longshot ATX Podcast. Naturally, we're particularly fond of the segment "coffee pun of the week". What do you call a cow that's just given birth? … [Read more...]

Houston: La Marzocco Wants To Party


Tonight! Monday, March 26th at 4pm, the La Marzocco Texas Roadshow kicks off in Houston. This evening's event is hosted by Greenway Coffee and Fusion Beans, and will be held at The Hay Merchant (1100 Westheimer Road), in Houston's bustling Montrose district. This place is a very serious beer joint, so all in attendance are sure to be in a good … [Read more...]

SCRBC Preview: Bring On The Tiny Cowboy Hats


The South Central Regional Barista Championship is almost upon us, drawing in theoretical competitors from 9 states, but actual competitors from only Texas and Missouri. Judges calibration begins Thursday, March 31st, with round one to follow on April Fool's Day. (Morbid, eh?) Kaldi's Coffee are fielding three competitors, along with hosting the … [Read more...]