A Glimpse Inside The 2015 SCAA Symposium

Ric Rhinehart introduces the morning session at the Benaroya Hall Recital Room.

The seventh annual Specialty Coffee Association of America Symposium kicked off early this morning in Seattle, Washington. Symposium is a professional two-day summit of coffee thinkers/leaders/producers, and it’s our distinct honor to be a part of the Symposium community for our fifth year as salon hosts and ambassadors. This year’s … [Read more...]

Meet The 2015 SCAA Symposium Fellows Ashley Prentice, Emily Olson, and Chris Bryner

symposium scaa fellows

In just a few short days, leaders young and not as young from around the coffee world will gather together for the 2015 SCAA Symposium event in Seattle, happening April 8th and 9th. There's an astounding five years worth of past Symposium coverage in our archives, and year after year, we come back to the same point: We think this event is among the … [Read more...]

Here’s What Some Of The Smartest People In Coffee Will Talk About This Year At SCAA Symposium

A room full of smart people.

Once a year, the Specialty Coffee Association of America gets some of the smartest people in food science, agronomy, and specialty coffee in a room to talk about the state of global coffee. It's designed to get a little heavy, a little personal, and at times even a little uncomfortable. Founded in 2009, the annual Symposium has become home to … [Read more...]

Peter Giuliano On “Coffee Science Heroes”


Before I was a coffee nerd, I was a science nerd. I suppose this goes back to a moment in 1979, when the Voyager spacecraft flew by Jupiter, sending back photographs that amazed and thrilled pretty much everyone. That year, all of my heroes were scientists: Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, Jonas Salk. Discovering the work of these people, … [Read more...]

6 Coffee Videos That Will Make You Smarter

Symposium Featured Image Coffee Videos

In April, coffee's brightest minds gathered at one of the biggest international coffee trade shows in Seattle, Washington. The Event kicked off with a two-day seminar called Symposium, an exclusive meeting of the minds that had been closed off to the public until 2013, when Symposium Director Peter Giuliano made the decision to begin releasing … [Read more...]

A Glimpse Inside The 2014 SCAA Symposium


The sixth annual Specialty Coffee Association of America Symposium is happening right now as we live and breathe in Seattle. Symposium is a professional two-day summit of coffee thinkers/leaders/producers, and it's our distinct honor to be a part of the Symposium community this year as speakers, salon hosts, and ambassadors. This year's … [Read more...]

SCAA Symposium Preview: An Interview With Director Peter Giuliano

At last year's Symposium in Boston, at the Harvard Club.

Starting next week the attentions of the coffee world turn to the city of Seattle, home of the 2014 SCAA Event and the 2014 United States Barista Championship. But before those events get underway, the Speciality Coffee Association of America will host its 6th annual SCAA Symposium event. This event has been one of the premiere gatherings of coffee … [Read more...]

2014 SCAA Symposium Speakers Announced


We're very excited today to report that a list of confirmed speakers has been announced for the 2014 Speciality Coffee Association of America Symposium, a revered two-day event of lectures, direct engagement sessions, and remarkable networking opportunities for leaders (old and new) in the world of coffee. We're immensely proud that this list of … [Read more...]

Symposium Colloquium: Peter Giuliano, SCAA Symposium Director

Peter Giuliano has been one of the Specialty Coffee Association of America's Symposium advocates and architects from the very beginning. This year, he sat for the first time as the Symposium's director, and the bold new direction for Symposium was palpable - the venue had a certain gravitas, the lighting was sexier, the talks were buzzier, and the … [Read more...]

Symposium Colloquium: Dr. Aaron Davis, Royal Botanic Gardens At Kew

Diving deep into the vast jungles of Madagascar, Dr. Aaron Davis of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew has studied the genetic diversity and the future of coffee for well over a decade. In our second installment of our Symposium Colloquium video series, a collaboration with the SCAA Symposum, we talk to Dr. Davis about his body of work and what the … [Read more...]

Symposium Colloquium: We Ask The Experts About Coffee Leaf Rust

Welcome to the first installment in our Symposium Colloquium video series, a collaboration with the SCAA Symposum. This video features James Hoffmann, Dr. Timothy Schilling, Dr. Aaron Davis of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, Dr. Chafumi Nagai, and Alejandro Keller of Finca Santa Isabel, Guatemala. Throughout a series of expansive interviews, to … [Read more...]

Alex Bernson’s SCAA 2013 Tech Wrap Up


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he 2013 SCAA conference felt like a big one. The quality-focused portion of our industry felt more mature and robust then it ever has, and there was a sense that we are moving into the next phase of responsibility and growth. The Symposium delivered a truly astounding amount of information on coffee rust, coffee genetics, and … [Read more...]

SCAA Symposium Video Asks: What’s Cool About Coffee?

What's cool about coffee? Wrecking Ball Roaster's Nick Cho leads a panel discussion with distinguished writers Oliver Strand, Julie Wolfson, and Melissa Allison to find out. The panel took place during last year's Symposium and it was one of the many highlights of the two-day event. The SCAA Symposium will release this video in six parts. Copy … [Read more...]

SCAA Symposium: “Understanding The Consumer”

A landmark presentation from this year's Specialty Coffee Association of America's Symposium is now available to view online. The presenter is former SCAA deputy executive director Tracy Ging (now with S&D Coffee), and the talk is titled "Understand The Consumer: New Research Profiling Specialty's Most Enthusiastic Drinker." It's riveting, … [Read more...]

Erin Meister: Symposium In Requiem


A final look at Symposium 2012, from our special correspondent Erin Meister.   Like a proverbial preteen caught snooping through the parental dresser drawers, I felt a vague kind of almost nervous out-of-placeness throughout my experience at Symposium 2012. Don't get me wrong, I had a wonderful time, I learned, I tweeted, and I … [Read more...]

Meister’s Musings: Symposium Day Two, Afternoon


The final installment in Erin Meister's best-in-the-business Symposium 2012 coverage. The tables were turned - and turned hard! - on a crowd of coffee people in a lunch coma the afternoon of Day 2, with a twofer of flipped philosophy on media and consumer perspectives of coffee, and a game-changing argument about improving and redefining the … [Read more...]