A Glimpse Inside The 2015 SCAA Symposium

Ric Rhinehart introduces the morning session at the Benaroya Hall Recital Room.

The seventh annual Specialty Coffee Association of America Symposium kicked off early this morning in Seattle, Washington. Symposium is a professional two-day summit of coffee thinkers/leaders/producers, and it’s our distinct honor to be a part of the Symposium community for our fifth year as salon hosts and ambassadors. This year’s Symposium is the third session produced […]

Meet The 2015 SCAA Symposium Fellows Ashley Prentice, Emily Olson, and Chris Bryner

symposium scaa fellows

In just a few short days, leaders young and not as young from around the coffee world will gather together for the 2015 SCAA Symposium event in Seattle, happening April 8th and 9th. There’s an astounding five years worth of past Symposium coverage in our archives, and year after year, we come back to the […]

Here’s What Some Of The Smartest People In Coffee Will Talk About This Year At SCAA Symposium

A room full of smart people.

Once a year, the Specialty Coffee Association of America gets some of the smartest people in food science, agronomy, and specialty coffee in a room to talk about the state of global coffee. It’s designed to get a little heavy, a little personal, and at times even a little uncomfortable. Founded in 2009, the annual […]

Peter Giuliano On “Coffee Science Heroes”


Before I was a coffee nerd, I was a science nerd. I suppose this goes back to a moment in 1979, when the Voyager spacecraft flew by Jupiter, sending back photographs that amazed and thrilled pretty much everyone. That year, all of my heroes were scientists: Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, Jonas Salk. Discovering the work […]

6 Coffee Videos That Will Make You Smarter

Symposium Featured Image Coffee Videos

In April, coffee’s brightest minds gathered at one of the biggest international coffee trade shows in Seattle, Washington. The Event kicked off with a two-day seminar called Symposium, an exclusive meeting of the minds that had been closed off to the public until 2013, when Symposium Director Peter Giuliano made the decision to begin releasing […]