Batdorf And Bronson Coffee Ambush CNN Newsroom


What's a coffee ambush, exactly? It's when a bunch of passionate coffee experts come together to drop knowledge and meld minds across the workplaces of America. Communities blend, doors are kicked down (metaphorically, of course), and lives are changed, or at least the part in people's lives where they make and drink coffee. It looks like a lot of … [Read more...]

Nashville: Friday Night Iron Tamper Competition


Nashville area brothers and sisters, lend us your ear, for we have something to tell you: Iron Tamper Competition is on like Donkey Kong. Get on down to the Ugly Mug (1886 Eastland Avenue) this coming Friday night, and be prepared to get jiggy with it, in outer space, on top of a big pizza pie with fireworks in the background. What's an Iron … [Read more...]

ElectionWatch: Unfiltered! Howard Schultz Endorses Obama


Starbucks CEO and head-honcho Howard Schultz went live on CNBC and endorsed Barack Obama. The news comes after several months of silence from the Starbucks king-pin, and his decision was made after watching the president's "bipartisanship" post-Sandy with that big old sugar bear Chris Christie. … [Read more...]