Andrew Brewtbart’s 2014 State Of The Union Address: The 4th Wave Of July


Andrew Brewtbart--the famously reclusive leading figure in the conservative coffee movement and an early regular contributor--returns with his annual Fourth of July supplement for The appearance of this content is contractually obligated, a per a poorly considered agreement we executed with Brewtbart in early 2010. As per his … [Read more...]

This K-Pop Coffee Music Video Is Brilliant And Strange

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 9.25.29 AM

There's uh, there's not a whole lot more we can say by way of introduction, other than you have to watch this music video right now. Kim Hyung-jun is a member (some say "the leader) of a once very popular Korean boy band SS501, who blew up back in the mid-2000s. The individual guys in SS501 have moved on to solo projects, which has included … [Read more...]

Melbourne: Hang Out And Cup Coffees Tonight At Everyday Coffee


  Dear all of you lovely, convivial, talented and hilarious Melbourne coffee types: Your Sprudge Editors are hosting a public cupping tonight with the team at Everyday Coffee in Collingwood, and you should please join us! This party begins at 6:30pm at Magic Johnston (27-29 Johnston), a co-working and event space located adjacent to … [Read more...]

Development Department: The Annual Sprudge Reader Survey


As dictated by the wonks at our Marketing Analysis, Research Product Development and Integration Department, we're being proudly forced to bring you our very first annual Readership Survey. The decision to issue this survey was reached unanimously by the Dolcepump LLC Board of Directors, of whom is a wholly owned … [Read more...]

@SprudgeLive – Your Source For Sprudge Live Tweets

Follow @SprudgeLive today!

Friends, after seven weeks of extensive and thorough market research, we've decided that on our much-loved (and also occasionally much-maligned) live Twitter event coverage will happen from now on under the newly created mantle of @SprudgeLive! Go ahead and add @SprudgeLive to your Twitter feed, and join us tonight for the first-ever … [Read more...]

Leather Year: September 29th, 2012 Was Our Third Birthday


  Today is's third birthday, and boy howdy, it's been a wild ride. In three short years this website has grown from an inside joke (done on the side from day jobs) into a real-life full-time career for the both of us. We get to travel and write and Photoshop professionally, and it's something we are both intensely grateful for, … [Read more...]

“Chemex Is Like Vinyl” and Other Coffee / Music Analogies


Record Players = Chemex 8 Tracks = Percolators MiniDisc Recorders = VacPots Cassette Tapes = French Presses Compact Discs = Super Automatic Machines Satellite Radios = K Cups iPods = Clevers 45s = Single-Use Kantan Drippers Demo Tapes = Sample Roasts Compilation Discs = Subscription Services Lester Bangs = Ken … [Read more...]

Our Favorite 2011 Stories and Headlines


A look back at our favorite stories on Sprudge in 2011, culled from close to 700 original features written in cafes in Portland, condos in San Francisco, haciendas in the Colombian jungle, gigantic convention halls in Houston, bars in New York City, lofts in Philadelphia, road trips to Santa Barbara, VIP tents in Red Square, and various forms of … [Read more...]