Failing The Q: Simon Ouderkirk And The Agony Of Defeat

Instagram photo by @lyndseyharley

  It was immediately obvious that I was punching up a weight class. The others around the table had resumes and job titles of great significance: company owner, green buyer, roastery operator, three top coffee folks from Korea Air. I was the only retail-level coffee maker in attendance, and when it was my turn to introduce myself, it was … [Read more...]

Restaurant Week: Why Simon Ouderkirk Gives A Crepe


This story requires a little bit of context: I was working my way through school at my first coffee job, a part-timer at Starbucks. Like a lot of people, even before working there I figured I had a pretty solid understanding of coffee and its ways and forms. After having worked the morning shift for about six months, as you’d expect, I pretty much … [Read more...]