Pods, Foams, And Coffee Tropes In The Washington Post


Last week the Washington Post released two articles about coffee on the same day, one a little more science-y and one a little more statistics-y. Though they somewhat retread covered ground, they’re both interesting tidbits that are worth a look, or for your convenience, we’ll recap for you. Clumsy? Order a Latte Instead of Coffee. Have you […]

Coffee Science Update: Mysterious Mists, Space Demitasses, and More!

via Wired / Portland State University.

Science has been coffee’ing so hard recently, and we’ve seen multiple articles over the past week on a wide range of coffee-related topics. From the health benefits of coffee to breakthroughs in zero-gravity espresso consumption, science is all up in your coffee. And so we’re all up in science. Here’s a look back at some of […]

Coffee Cup Colour Makes Your Drink Taste A Certain Way, Says Science

Ascension Namusairo -Mugs

An incredible amount of thought goes into designing the ideal coffee cup. Weight for heat retention, mouth width to increase aroma, inner bowl shape for getting that perfect pour, ergonomics for comfort–all are taken into account in order to enhance the overall coffee drinking experience. But recently, a group of psychologists have produced evidence that […]

The Cafe Imports Coffee Family Tree, Now Available In Korean And Mandarin

Korean Coffee Varieties Cafe Imports Sprudge

Last year, our friends and partners at Cafe Imports debuted a beautiful, info-tastic-graphic: an epic coffee family tree. In the illustration, coffee species rest at the stumps, with the cultivars growing out and branching off with historical and scientific accuracy. The illustration sits in our permanent collection right here. This year, Cafe Imports has unveiled […]

Vegan Kopi Luwak? Biotech’s Cruelty Free Coffee Fermentation


DIY fermentation projects ranging from homemade kimchi to cheese and beer are all the rage. A new food biotechnology company named Afineur is experimenting with coffee fermentation…inspired by Kopi Luwak. The birth of Afineur was originally inspired by the infamous Indonesian civet cat coffee. Not by the dubious exotic appeal of coffee fermented in a civet’s stomach, […]

Coffee Is Good For Your Liver Health, Says Science


Science! It’s not just the thing “you fucking love” for all those Neil DeGrasse Tyson memes showing up in your Facebook feed; it also helps prove why awesome things like coffee are awesome for you. In a recent article for LiveScience.com, Laura Geggel reports that drinking coffee, decaf included, is beneficial to liver health, sending […]

6 Striking Facts on The Science Of Coffee & Climate Change


About a year ago, we unveiled the shocking coffee leaf rust facts every coffee lover should know. This week, agreements and commitments resulting from the UN Climate Change Summit garnered applause from some fronts and criticism from others. While coverage of large milestones in addressing climate change is important, the media orgies spawned by such major meetings […]

Everything You Know About Coffee Dehydration Is Wrong!

world barista champions wait for bathroom

It’s a commonly held belief coffee causes dehydration, but is there any truth to that? That is the question Sophie C. Killer, a UK grad student, posed in pursuit of her doctorate in sports, exercise and health sciences. She presented her research at the ASIC 2014 scientific conference in Colombia. There have been studies that look at caffeine and […]

Coffee Genomes Sequenced. What Does It All Mean?

Ecuador CI Day One-IMG_0758

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story reported that the draft sequence for Coffea Arabica had been released according to the Inter-American Development Bank. This announcement was incorrect–the Coffea Robusta sequence has been released, and a number of groups are working on draft Arabica sequences for release. The story has been updated to reflect this […]

Scientists: Caffeine Works Better Than Sunscreen, Or Something, We Didn’t Actually Read This Thing

mr. mcgregg

Everyday there’s some new study that comes out of some old university that claims, approximately, that “Coffee is _____ for your _____!” (Feel free to fill in these blanks as Mad Libs in the comments field below. Get nasty.) Well, we’re sick of it; we’ve been writing this website for 2 years, and the steady […]

Flashback: Rats in the Grounds of the Western World


Did you know that the volatile aromatics in the coffee have positive psychological effects? Neither did we! Our June 2008 issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry must’ve been sent to our ex’s apartment or something. Here’s the gist: scientists deprived rats of sleep and then after several days  made them smell some […]

This Coffee Will Self-Destruct In 5…4…3…


Jim Seven calls in the rhetorical bomb squad to investigate seasonality, shelf life, and “baggy” flavor. Green coffee is trickier because green coffees don’t age the same way.  Each lot is an individual little time bomb.  As much as we can look after it as well as we can in storage/in roasteries – we are […]