Coffee Genomes Sequenced. What Does It All Mean?

Ecuador CI Day One-IMG_0758

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story reported that the draft sequence for Coffea Arabica had been released according to the Inter-American Development Bank. This announcement was incorrect--the Coffea Robusta sequence has been released, and a number of groups are working on draft Arabica sequences for release. The story has been updated … [Read more...]

Dr. Oz Taken To Task Over Green Coffee Weight Loss Claims


The famed and oft-scrutinized American television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz appeared before a consumer protection panel where he was given a stern but fair scolding by Chairman Claire McCaskill, D-Mo. over his penchant for calling things like green coffee extract "miracle weight loss cures". During the hearing, Dr. Oz denied endorsing … [Read more...]

Olfaction Satisfaction And The Science of Scents


Our fabulous science column returns! LA based writer Juliet Han has been working in coffee for over a decade, and now she has a brand new column on in which she’ll be exploring science, taste, and why both are fun. We hope you enjoy this edition of Talk To The Han! It’s Han again. Summer is here and living just got a little longer, … [Read more...]

…Says Science: Can Caffeine Improve Verbal Positivity?


A study on how caffeine affects the brain's left hemisphere has just been published by PLOS ONE, an open, interactive online science journal. Finally! Both analyses, the signal detection approach and the mixed-effect logistic regression agreed in the fact that caffeine affects performance in the affective lexical decision task. It is evident … [Read more...]

Scientists: Caffeine Works Better Than Sunscreen, Or Something, We Didn’t Actually Read This Thing

mr. mcgregg

Everyday there's some new study that comes out of some old university that claims, approximately, that "Coffee is _____ for your _____!" (Feel free to fill in these blanks as Mad Libs in the comments field below. Get nasty.) Well, we're sick of it; we've been writing this website for 2 years, and the steady stream of pseudo-groundbreaking bullshit … [Read more...]

Flashback: Rats in the Grounds of the Western World


Did you know that the volatile aromatics in the coffee have positive psychological effects? Neither did we! Our June 2008 issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry must've been sent to our ex's apartment or something. Here's the gist: scientists deprived rats of sleep and then after several days  made them smell some ground coffee. … [Read more...]

This Coffee Will Self-Destruct In 5…4…3…


Jim Seven calls in the rhetorical bomb squad to investigate seasonality, shelf life, and "baggy" flavor. Green coffee is trickier because green coffees don’t age the same way.  Each lot is an individual little time bomb.  As much as we can look after it as well as we can in storage/in roasteries – we are still working with an individual fuse whose … [Read more...]