…Says Science! Specialty Coffee Association Audits The Eggheads

...says science!

Is flavored coffee a danger to your health? Can coffee cure ADHD? Is Grammy the reason you're addicted to coffee? Does coffee lower your risk for cardiovascular disease? Does it put you at higher risk of incontinence and diabetes? There's a lot of studies out there and it's almost impossible to figure out which ones are right and which ones are … [Read more...]

…Says Science: Laboratory Kopi Luwak In Florida


Kopi Luwak is just plain nasty. Scientists in Florida have studied the effects of the civet cat's digestive enzymes and have discovered a method to replicate the fermentation/degradation process that goes down. What does this all mean? Well, this could put an end to the cruel and unregulated caging and force feeding of civets. It could also mean … [Read more...]