Did This SF Cafe Destroy A Mission District Mural For A Walk Up Window?

(via Mission Local

Lola Chavez of Mission Local reports that the 24th and Mission BART station area in San Francisco is getting a new cafe with a walk-up window. Chavez writes, "The place will be run by two brothers, according to their father who was at the site recently." One minor problem: the walk up window construction cut through one of the many vibrant … [Read more...]

Palace Of Fine Arts Hosts Good Food Awards Celebration In San Francisco

2015 GFA Good Food Awards Sprudge 003

Sprudge has covered the Good Food Awards for five years running now. We’ve happily followed them as they’ve grown alongside the food they’ve so fervently supported. We’ve even, for the last two years, been official media partners for the event, a role we see as especially important as quality coffee continues to rise in gastronomic esteem. The 2015 … [Read more...]

In San Francisco, Hearth Coffee Comes Home To The Castro


The Castro has been considered the “gay neighborhood” of San Francisco since the early 1960s, the Castro still thrums with an energy and excitement built upon proudly queer roots. Today the Castro is crowded but friendly, composed and grown-up but still shot through with a solid streak of San Francisco’s oddball personality. In a city knee deep in … [Read more...]

Snowbird Coffee: “For The Dreamers” In San Francisco’s Inner Sunset


In a town brimming over with new coffee shops, San Francisco’s Inner Sunset neighborhood has so far not seen much of the new wave. Eugene Kim and his team at Snowbird Coffee plan to change that with their newly opened cafe, in the old Drip'd Coffee Lab space. Snowbird Coffee is a dimly lit, low-ceilinged, cozy cave of a cafe tucked away beneath … [Read more...]

Here Are The 2015 Good Food Awards Coffee Finalists

This afternoon, the 2015 Good Food Awards finalists officially dropped. There were 206 finalists from 46 states across many different categories, from beer to cheese to charcuterie, and of course coffee. You can read more about the Good Food Awards and previous winners in our archive here. Without further ado, here are the twenty-three Good Food … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Equator Coffees, San Francisco


Despite what those scarf-clad leafsayers may think, we've still got a few technical weeks of summer left, and as such, we've still got a few more entries in our 2014 edition of Build Outs of Summer, a globetrotting series of early looks at new specialty coffee bars. The latest comes from San Francisco, a quaint, affordable town with a clean, … [Read more...]

Inside Wrecking Ball Coffee’s New Cow Hollow Cafe

San Francisco-wrecking-ball-brew-bar

“We’re leaders in the coffee industry, so we’re pushing boundaries,” Nick Cho told Sprudge, during a visit to the brand new, soon-to-open flagship café for Wrecking Ball Coffee in the Cow Hollow neighborhood of San Francisco. Cho owns Wrecking Ball with his partner Trish Rothgeb, a noted coffee roaster credited with coining the term "Third Wave … [Read more...]

At The Interval In San Francisco: Fresh Coffee, Aged Spirits, And Contemplation of The Future

The Long Now-San-Francisco-the-interval-bar

This is The Interval. It's a beautiful bar and cafe in San Francisco. It's also a museum, library, and steampunk wonderland dedicated to fostering discussions of big concepts. “You can’t tell people to think long term. We want people to interact with a space and come to it however they want,” says Alexander Rose, Executive Director of the Long … [Read more...]

Sprudge At MAD: SF Chef Chris Cosentino Talks Coffee

chris cosentino mad feature

This is the first in a series of articles from Sprudge at the fourth annual MAD Symposium, looking at the growing crossover between food and coffee. MAD Symposium is a communal gathering of some of the world's leading chefs and gastronomy enthusiasts that took place this past weekend in Copenhagen. The worlds of high-end food and coffee are … [Read more...]

One Of The Best Video Stores On Earth Hosts A Ritual Coffee Pop-Up

Lost Weekend Ritual Popup -lost-weekend-jeremy-wheat

Next to the Ritual flagship café on Valencia Street in the Mission is Lost Weekend, one of the last remaining video stores in the city and really, one of the last few really good video rental stores in the country. While Ritual Coffee’s café is undergoing renovations this month, they are popping up a coffee service inside Lost Weekend. Lost … [Read more...]

20 Things That Verily Happened At CoffeeCon San Francisco


Editors note: In late July we sent our Bay Area staff writer Leif Haven to CoffeeCon in San Francisco. During his time there, he tweeted: I feel like my heart might explode covering @CoffeeConEvent for @sprudge — leif (@leifhaven) July 26, 2014 This is his recap.   20. George Howell talked for two and a half hours. Some highlights … [Read more...]

Umami Mart: Japanese Design in Oakland and San Francisco

umami mart-IMG_2823

Umami Mart is like an emissary from a parallel universe, where everything is gorgeous and well designed–even the instant ramen. Alongside hard-to-find Japanese foodstuffs, Umami Mart focuses on interesting, attractive kitchenware, barware, glassware, and coffeewares. Japanese products merge with Danish and Californian design, forming an aesthetic … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Pinhole Coffee In San Francisco


San Francisco's coffee scene's been in full-on explosion mode since the mid-2000s, bringing with it game-raising techniques and cafe design that have rippled across the entire nation. One might argue that the City by the Bay's achieved fancy coffee saturation by now—but anyone who knows coffee knows there's always room for one more. We're … [Read more...]

Katie Carguilo’s New Role At Counter Culture Is A Coffee Dream Job


Katie Carguilo is a seasoned coffee professional who has won barista competitions, been all over the television, toured the world, and graced the cover of magazines. Carguilo took home the 2012 United States Barista Championship belt and has helped helm our friends and partners at Counter Culture Coffee in New York City for the last seven years. … [Read more...]

We Talk Opening Day (And Much More!) With Paramo Coffee Roasters’ Gabriel Boscana


As reported by Eater SF, Paramo Coffee Roasters has now opened its first flagship café in Embarcadero Place in San Francisco today. The company, founded by noted roaster Gabriel Boscana and Highwire Coffee Roasters' Robert Mires, will serve coffees sourced and roasted by the pair. According to Boscana, Paramo will attempt to set itself apart from … [Read more...]

Sprudge Takes The Thermos Overnight Coffee Challenge With Ritual Coffee Roasters


Working on the front lines of coffee journalism, one gets a fair amount of strange emails from publicists. Do I want to try bouillion-style cubes of coffee? Not really. Do I want to sample some "naturally caffeinated" fruit juice? Might take a pass on that. Do I want the Thermos corporation to, in a fit of truly inspired stunt-istry, overnight me a … [Read more...]