In Washington DC, The Wydown Goes From Pop-Up To Permanent


Three weeks ago The Wydown coffee bar opened a permanent location on 14th and U Street, in an exciting development for both eager newcomers and loyal quaffers in the Washington DC coffee scene. Chad and Alex McCracken—brothers from St. Louis, Missouri—have been running a series of progressively more brick and mortar coffee pop-ups over the last … [Read more...]

In Kansas City, PT’s And Kaldi’s Revamp Classic Cafes


Man has a long history of replacing and repurposing the old with the new, especially when it comes to their places of ritual. The old or outdated accept renovation, often whether or not the regulars accept it themselves. For instance, Hagia Sophia, a world-famous historic site in Istanbul, currently exists as a museum. But its long history includes … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review for 11/10/12


Our intrepid intern Joanna Han (@joannakarenina) succinctly recaps our wild and wacky week. Do you follow her on Instagram? Her photography is really quite delightful. And yes, she is definitely a real person.  Sprudge LIVE!: Are you following @SprudgeLive on Twitter yet? It’s our brand new Twitter handle dedicated exclusively to live … [Read more...]

[Video] The Inaugural Flatlander’s Barista Cup


Ooh, girl. Here's some awesome video recap goodness from the recent Flatlander's Barista Cup, which went down in Topeka, Kansas and was held by the folks at PT's Coffee Roasting. This video focuses on the Saturday Night Live Throwdown portion of Flatlander's, and features some explanation from PT's owner Jeff Taylor, as well as interviews with 2011 … [Read more...]

Topeka: Flatlanders Barista Cup Kicks Off Tonight!


The first-ever Flatlanders Barista Cup kicks off live tonight at PT'S Coffee Roasting in Topeka, Kansas. Drawing in barista competitors, speakers, producers, and coffee enthusiasts from around the world, the FBC's opening night of festivities features coffee service from 2011 WBC Champion Alejandro Mendez and 2011 USBC Champion Pete Licata. FBC's … [Read more...]

Topeka: The Inaugural Flatlanders Barista Cup


The Flatlanders Barista Cup has been announced by the fine folks at PT's Coffee Roasting out of Topeka, Kansas. It's the inaugural version of this new global specialty coffee event, bringing together baristas, the coffee loving public,  and internationally renowned award-winning producers from Guatemala and El Salvador. Plus 2011 WBC champ … [Read more...]

A Killer Shot: California’s 2nd Amendment Blend


California handgun enthusiasts and political "independents" aren't shy about their love of weaponry. Case in point: a recent trend that finds deterrence-minded marksmen and women making a splash by displaying their Glocks at Bear Republic coffee shops. So far they've focused on major chains: Peet's Coffee and Tea, who've banned weapons in their … [Read more...]