At Blackburn Coffee In Paris, Cozy Trumps Trendy


While your quintessential Parisian cafe may be described as chic, classic, or cultured, “cozy” probably wouldn’t make the list. After all, zinc bars and espresso don’t evoke the same feeling as an overstuffed armchair and a cappuccino. Nothing wrong with that; I do love my moments of writing existential thoughts in a notebook while sipping an … [Read more...]

CREAM Joins New Crop Of Paris Cafes

CREAM paris sprudge coffee

There once was a time when there was no good coffee to be found in Paris. Those days are, thankfully, over. But now that Parisians have found a soft spot for specialty coffee and the cafes that serve it, a new problem has arisen: the desire to plug into a trend, regardless of whether or not you understand what sparked that trend. In the last … [Read more...]

In The Wake Of Tragedy, A Letter From Paris

Illustration by Thomas Putnam.

Yesterday, a vicious, hate-filled attack occurred in Paris, with twelve people, including police, journalists and illustrators massacred during an editorial meeting. As our morning Sprudge editorial meeting convened, none of us could tear our attention away from the news, and thoughts of how our long-time Paris Desk Anna Brones was doing. We wound … [Read more...]

A Coffee Day In Paris


Standing at the top of the Parc de Belleville looking over the obscured perspective of Paris it makes me wonder why it’s taken 14 years to come back to this city. As a teenager I visited Paris and saw all the sights, took in the cosmopolitan atmosphere and felt the rush of experiencing my first foreign city independently. Living over the channel in … [Read more...]

Paris: A Guide To Coffee In The Marais

Boot Cafe Paris Marais Sprudge

If you were forced to name a hub of the Parisian craft coffee scene, it would have to be the Marais. Kind of like Seattle must have been in the early 1990s, when it was the one place in the country where there was always a Starbucks a stone’s throw away, no matter where you found yourself. Like that, but with adorable independent cafes.  Ok, so … [Read more...] Adds Two New Regional Desks – Now Seeking Writers Worldwide


Allow us this momentary break in bringing you coffee news from around the world to talk, if only briefly, about some exciting internal news at Sprudge. Our publication is rapidly approaching its 5th birthday; it continues to be wholly owned and operated by Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman, and funded by a carefully chosen network of brand … [Read more...]

Paris: A Guide To Some Of The Best Cafes In Canal St. Martin

le look cafe

If you have read any type of “Insider’s Guide” to Paris in the last few years, you have heard mention of Canal Saint-Martin. Lovers of the film Amélie will know it as the place that the film’s heroine skips rocks, and history buffs will know that it was constructed during Napoleon’s rule. But the most important thing is to know that while a picnic … [Read more...]

A Swedish Coffee Break in the Heart of Paris

swedish cafe 3

Paris, like a lot of other cities around the world, has a love affair with Scandinavia. Maybe it’s the functional, yet attractive nature of Scandinavian design, or maybe it’s because the French secretly want to be eating dark rye bread for breakfast. But whatever it is, there’s a scattering of Scandinavian-focused places around Paris, meaning that … [Read more...]

A Guide To Good Coffee In Montmartre

marlette 4

To the tourist eye, Montmartre is the artsy, hilly part of town, signified by the iconic white Sacre Coeur church sitting atop the hill. It’s where Amélie Poulain charmed us with her parisienne ways and it’s where we like to think of artists going to reside, holing up in studios, inspired by the city around them. To the local, Montmartre is also … [Read more...]

Coffee With Your Lifestyle Brand At The Maison Kitsuné Cafe In Paris

kitsune 1

Launched in 2002, Maison Kitsuné has come to represent a concept that so many people have tried to copy since: the intersection of fashion, music and design. A music label, a design brand and a concept store, Maison Kitsuné has become a bit of an icon here in Paris, with a list of notable artists attached like Housse de Racket and Two Door Cinema … [Read more...]

Parisian Roaster Coutume Café Is Headed To Tokyo

Render courtesy of CUT Architectures.

As if opening up a craft roastery in Paris wasn’t enough, Coutume Café is branching out and heading to Tokyo, with a new café slated to open the first week of April in the popular Aoyama neighborhood at 5-8-10 Minamiaoyama. is pleased to be first to report on the roaster's transcontinental expansion, which will include an Alpha Dominche … [Read more...]

At A Delicious Coffee Cupping In Paris (Of All Places)

belleville 6

It’s Saturday morning and I’m biking across Paris to get to a cupping at Belleville Brûlerie, a roaster that opened late last fall and is already supplying some of the most popular cafes around town. There’s a lot of talk about the growing coffee scene in Paris right now, and the guys behind Belleville are doing their best to make sure the movement … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week Of February 1st, 2014


Maybe you spent the last week digging out of the latest monster snow storm, or maybe you were just too busy sitting by the fire getting warm. Whatever the case may be, here’s the coffee news you missed over the last seven days—all in one spot. It’s like an unseasonably cold polar vortex, only way more comfortable and easy to read. Cafe … [Read more...]

In Paris, A Craft Roaster And Brewery Join Forces

paris coffee beer 1

The first thing I said when I moved to Paris was, “God, the coffee is terrible.” The second thing I said was, “the beer is awful too.” And so began the search for any drink that was even remotely craft related. France is a cafe country, but not a coffee country, and by the same token, it’s a brasserie country (which in French, actually means … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week of January 18th, 2014

ben biloya

The Big Eastern Barista Championship is in full swing this weekend in Durham, NC—and while coffee professionals from all over the country participate in the festivities, we’ve got you covered here on Sprudge with all the latest coffee news and links. Big Eastern! Sprudge is on site in Durham to bring you up-to-the-minute coverage of the … [Read more...]

Coffee à la Française: The Bordeaux and Burgundy Blends at Cafe Lomi

lomi 12

France is known for mediocre coffee. That's changing, with a plethora of new Parisian cafes bringing speciality coffee to the City of Light. But if you’re going to change the French palate you’ll have to start with something that they can relate to, and what better way than wine? There’s Montmartre and then there’s the 18th arrondissement. … [Read more...]