Paris Awakens: Top Roasters From Across Europe Now Brewing In France

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The fashion world looks to Paris to set trends, and the culinary world is in one way or another always connected to the French capital by way of a confit or a coq au vin. Can Paris be the platform, too, for advancing European specialty coffee? As we’ve watched the Paris specialty coffee scene grow in […]

There Was A Penis Latte Art Contest In Paris

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When I got invited to a “dick latte art” contest, I almost spit out my morning French press. A what? Let’s get one thing straight: I like dirty jokes as much as the next person—That’s What She Said being a personal favorite—but I just wasn’t sure how a dick latte art contest was going to […]

Café Cuillier At Galeries Lafayette: Très Paris, Better Than Ever

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Even if you hate shopping, if you’ve been to Paris I’ll bet your trip included a stop at the city’s iconic Galeries Lafayette. The original store dates back to 1894, and has become such an institution that there are now 65 different Galeries Lafayette stores in France and around the world. Because if you can’t go […]

Now Open In Paris: Hexagone Cafe, In The 14th Arrondissement

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Paris is a city of neighborhoods. That is to say, that while people may work in another part of town, all the essential day-to-day Parisian routines—buying a baguette, getting vegetables, finding a good slab of funky smelling cheese—happen close to home. Certainly, people venture far beyond their doorstep to try new restaurants, go to art […]

Recipes And Joie De Vivre At The French AeroPress Championship

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On Monday, March 9th, Paris’ coffee crowd gathered at the funky and eclectic Le Comptoir General for the second annual French AeroPress Championships, organized by Reseau Baristas de France. The prize up for grabs was a round trip to the World AeroPress Championships in Seattle in April, thanks to sponsors Art of Coffee by coffee […]

A Chic Outdoor Cafe, Nestled In A Parisian Courtyard


In French, the expression for window shopping is, lèche-vitrine, literally “window licking.” Walking down rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, window shopping was the only kind of shopping I was going to do. Hermes, Chanel, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent—these are the kind of stores a normal person wonders if they even have the right to enter. It was […]

The Best of France’s Roasting Scene At Matamata Paris


Gérald Arek discovered the world of specialty coffee like many French people tend to do: while traveling in Australia. Upon his return he trained as a barista, and until he and his business partner Gaël Soucasse opened Matamata in Paris in the early fall of 2014, he could be seen pulling shots and keeping customers entertained […]

Notes From Le Carnaval De Cafe, A Coffee Origin Conference (In Paris)


At the end of January, Paris hosted the second Le Carnaval du Cafe (LCDC), an event put together by Collaborative Coffee Source (CCS), a Norway-based coffee importer. It was an ambitious two day event packed full of presentations and cuppings, with Monday devoted to Africa and Tuesday devoted to South and Central America. The list of […]

At Blackburn Coffee In Paris, Cozy Trumps Trendy


While your quintessential Parisian cafe may be described as chic, classic, or cultured, “cozy” probably wouldn’t make the list. After all, zinc bars and espresso don’t evoke the same feeling as an overstuffed armchair and a cappuccino. Nothing wrong with that; I do love my moments of writing existential thoughts in a notebook while sipping an […]

In The Wake Of Tragedy, A Letter From Paris

Illustration by Thomas Putnam.

Yesterday, a vicious, hate-filled attack occurred in Paris, with twelve people, including police, journalists and illustrators massacred during an editorial meeting. As our morning Sprudge editorial meeting convened, none of us could tear our attention away from the news, and thoughts of how our long-time Paris Desk Anna Brones was doing. We wound up deciding not to publish yesterday, because […]

A Coffee Day In Paris


Standing at the top of the Parc de Belleville looking over the obscured perspective of Paris it makes me wonder why it’s taken 14 years to come back to this city. As a teenager I visited Paris and saw all the sights, took in the cosmopolitan atmosphere and felt the rush of experiencing my first foreign city […]

Paris: A Guide To Coffee In The Marais

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If you were forced to name a hub of the Parisian craft coffee scene, it would have to be the Marais. Kind of like Seattle must have been in the early 1990s, when it was the one place in the country where there was always a Starbucks a stone’s throw away, no matter where you […]

Paris: A Guide To Some Of The Best Cafes In Canal St. Martin

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If you have read any type of “Insider’s Guide” to Paris in the last few years, you have heard mention of Canal Saint-Martin. Lovers of the film Amélie will know it as the place that the film’s heroine skips rocks, and history buffs will know that it was constructed during Napoleon’s rule. But the most […]