Apple CEO Tim Cook Is Working That New iPhone… But What Was He Drinking?


Ooh, that Tim Cook - he thirsty. A paparazzi took this snap snap of the CEO of Apple while he was in Sun Valley last month. Sure, people are speculating about the new iPhone release - but what we want to know is what was he drinking? A mocha? Some green tea? We asked our expert panel of celebrity coffee drink surveyors to weigh in. Take it away … [Read more...]

An $125,000 Cup Of Coffee? Sure, If It’s With Apple’s CEO


Charity Buzz, some sort of charitable online celebrity dating/escort website, is selling meet-ups with some of Hollywood's (and Silicon Valley's) most eligible hunks (and Paula Deen!) for the The RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights Spring 2013 Auction. Currently, you're able to have a glass of wine with Francis Ford Coppola for around $4,000 … [Read more...]

Sprudge Sunday Magazine – Issue #11 (Toast Programs)


In the tradition of the Onion’s Sunday Magazine, welcome to Sprudge Sunday Magazine - "Specialty Coffee's Cover Page." For the 11th edition of Sprudge Sunday Magazine, we’re honoring the blissful union of specialty coffee and fine toast. Slathered, buttered, grilled, griddled? It doesn't make any difference to us. If it's hot, artisan … [Read more...]

Demi Lovato Got Some Short Hair, Girl, But What Was She Drinking?


Those tabloid rapscallions at Just Jared caught Demi Lovato with a cup of something sweet outside an unnamed Beverly Hill Cafe, sporting her kicky new spring 'do. should really seriously hire a member of the Hollywood paparazzi to scout out these cafes, but until we're actually there on-site to weigh in with the deets, we turn to … [Read more...]

…Says Science: Can Caffeine Improve Verbal Positivity?


A study on how caffeine affects the brain's left hemisphere has just been published by PLOS ONE, an open, interactive online science journal. Finally! Both analyses, the signal detection approach and the mixed-effect logistic regression agreed in the fact that caffeine affects performance in the affective lexical decision task. It is evident … [Read more...]

The Today Show’s Grand Seattle Display


Behold - nobody does coffee with more reverence and accuracy than The Today Show, and their recent trip to Seattle was the PERFECT opportunity for Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda to show off their cupping skills. What better way than to try 3 specialty drinks from the finest cafes in Seattle: Starbucks, Tully's and Caffe Vita! It's a Bobby … [Read more...]