The World Barista Championship Is Happening On Sprudge Live

wbc world barista championship

It's that time again: The 2015 World Barista Championship is now upon us, bringing 49 of the world's best baristas to Seattle, Washington, for a no-holds-barred tournament of coffee prowess. For the fifth consecutive season, Sprudge will be providing exhaustive live coverage of the WBC event, produced in partnership with our sponsors at Square, … [Read more...]

Man Banned From US Airways After Mid-Flight AeroPress Incident


A passenger has reportedly been banned for life from US Airways following a mid-air incident involving an AeroPress. It all happened this morning on Flight 369, an Atlanta to Dallas direct flight departing in the early hours of April 1st. An unfortunate combination of turbulence and scalding hot water resulted in terrible injuries for the mile high … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why Cafes Should Stop With The Tom Waits Already


From Glasgow to Gothenburg to Gainesville, Florida, well-meaning coffee professionals around the world are committing the same aural error: playing the music of Tom Waits to a captive audience of cafe-goers. Now don't get me wrong, I don't have any beef with Tom Waits per se. Actually that's not true; I personally can't stand the music of Tom … [Read more...]

Guess What Super Famous Celebrity Drinks La Colombe This Week!


It's been a big couple months for our friends and partners at La Colombe on the celebrities-drinks-our-coffee tip. Taylor Swift drinks it down, Sam Smith visits Fishtown, and now another pop music celebrity is endorsing the LC by way of Mario Batali. So La Colombe's Todd Carmichael was all like "Adam Levine seems to like our coffee" and we were … [Read more...]

The Croissant & Coffee Scene In LA Has Us Over The Moon


During a recent trip to Los Angeles, the Sprudge editors made a delicious discovery in the form of a pastry. This said pastry was none other than an Everything Croissant that we shared at Superba Food + Bread. Then a few months later I was tooling around Venice visiting Nicely Abel at Menotti’s, on a soggy rainy day. Yes, we have those in LA too. I … [Read more...]

Singer Sam Smith Is Visiting Cafes On Tour! Where Should He Go Next?

Sam Smith is like really talented and really handsome and likes coffee and we like coffee. (Photo via Instagram)

We are in love with the incredibly talented and inspirational UK soul singer Sam Smith and Sam Smith is in love with the incredibly delicious and inspirational coffee beverage. WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON. If you're unfamiliar with Sam Smith's work, we encourage you to listen to this, read this, and watch this–AT THE SAME TIME. Our planets aligned … [Read more...]

We Got High And Made This Vice Coffee Headline Generator


Munchies is a new food-forward vertical from Vice Media. In the few months it's been around, they've covered a number of coffee related stories. After many hours, calculations, and theories, the staff at Sprudge believes we have cracked the Vice Munchies formula. It's really very simple: Drugs + Celebrities + Coffee + Exotic Locale = Munchies … [Read more...]

10 Coffees You Can Buy From Alex From Target


Alex From Target is the internet's latest viral Twitter crush. He's a hunky teen Target bag boy, and everyone is lining up to wait at that register. I think I speak for the whole team at Sprudge when I say, if I were at Alex From Target's Target in Texas, I'd want him to bag me, too. While shopping at Target, shoppers are blessed with a bounty … [Read more...]

Drag Queens Bianca Del Rio And Adore Delano Give This Starbucks Commercial LIFE


As reported in NewNowNext, RuPaul's Drag Race queens Bianca Del Rio and Adore Delano star in a brand new OUTtv + Starbucks commercial. The ad was shot in Toronto four months ago, and the drag queens bring levity and life and we can't get enough of it. Starbucks approached Canada's LGBT network OUTtv to create the spot, and according to … [Read more...]

Kathie Lee Gifford Can Not Even With This Travel Mug


The Mighty Mug is a six-figure-funded Kickstarter, claiming to be a travel tumbler that won't fall down. However, a video from 2013 has resurfaced online, proving that the "untippable mug" is totally tippable. It's from a throwaway segment from the Today Show, and while cohost Hoda Gotb gives the product a gentle touch and the time of day, Kathie … [Read more...]

Quiz: American Fall TV Pilot Or Australian Cafe?

Outside of Bunker in Brisbane with Rachel and Ross from the pilot of Friends.

Pop quiz, hot shot. Is "Bunker" an action-filled suspense drama about a rogue group of counter-terrorists or is it an adorable coffee bar in Brisbane? (It's a bar in Brisbane.) Is "Feed Me" a single-camera NBC comedy about a dysfunctional family or a walk-up cafe and toast bar in Melbourne's CBD? (It's a comedy.) We double-dog dare you to … [Read more...]

20 Reasons Why This Week’s Best Coffee Twitter Account Is @ColdBrew420


Meet @ColdBrew420. HOW MANY COLD BREWS DO YOU WANT — Cold Brew (@coldbrew420) August 10, 2014 @ColdBrew420 is wise. Morning 420 is still 420 — Cold Brew (@coldbrew420) August 10, 2014 @ColdBrew420 sometimes forgets who @ColdBrew420 is. wait am i cold brew? — Cold Brew (@coldbrew420) August 10, 2014 But then @ColdBrew420 … [Read more...]

Portland Cafes Limit Service, Shut Down During Citywide E. coli Scare


Trace amounts of E. coli have been found in Portland, Oregon water samples and a boil water alert has been issued for the most of the city, resulting in the emergency closures of several parts of the city's critical cafe infrastructure. We have contacted several establishments to find out what's what and figure out how cafes are addressing people's … [Read more...]

Tom Stafford Snorts Mystery Powder At Irish Barista Championship


Snorting signature drinks? Tom Stafford, the owner of the Twisted Pepper in Dublin, Ireland, competed at the Irish Barista Championship earlier today. A short video from his routine was captured by 3FE owner (and Stafford's former colleague) Colin Harmon, who posted this Instagram a few hours ago: Comments suggest that the mysterious … [Read more...]

Is This The Most Expensive Coffee Ever?


A seller on eBay is auctioning a "VINTAGE STUMPTOWN COFFEE PANAMA ESMERALDA GEISHA IN COLLECTOR JAR" and its starting bid is set at $3,000. Buyers have the option of purchasing the item outright for $6,000. Shipping is free. The coffee in question hails from the 2011 harvest of the famed Panama Esmeralda estate, and was roasted on January 23, … [Read more...]