Joyride Coffee Distributors Caffeinate The Tech Wave, From NYC To SF

Joyride Coffee Sprudge

If coffee is a religion—the almighty bean its God, the crema-topped espresso its daily miracle, and the ever-proliferating specialty cafes of the world its churches, then Joyride Coffee Distributors is a merry band of missionaries, self-appointed with the task of spreading the good word to the heathens of office coffee culture. Started in 2011 … [Read more...]

Box Kite Coffee Gets Back To Basics On The Upper West Side

Box Kite New York Sprudge

Cora Lambert didn't earn her reputation in New York City by being...uncomplicated. The cafe veteran, whose year-old East Village shop Box Kite has garnered acclaim from tastemakers for both its coffee and culinary achievements, has something new to reveal this month on the Upper West Side. Yes, it's a new cafe—Box Kite's second shop, poised and … [Read more...]

NYC’s First Feline Cafe Is A Cat-astrophe!


If it's New York City's goal to do everything bigger, better, and more New Yorkly, one would hope Gotham's first purr-manent cat cafe would boast both the warmest cats and hottest cups of coffee. It was thus with bells on that we awaited today's opening of Meow Parlour, a "cat cafe" on the Lower East Side, the venture of pastry chef Christina Ha … [Read more...]

It’s Official: Taylor Swift Drinks Skinny Caramel Lattes From Starbucks


In the December issue of Lucky Magazine, Taylor Swift finally breaks her silence on belly button rumors but who cares about that? The real frothy gossip is what Taylor Swift is drinking! It's something we've been wondering for years. Find out what it is after the jump! Taylor Swift's drink of choice is the Skinny Caramel Latte from … [Read more...]

How Culture (Espresso) Came To Midtown Manhattan

Culture Espresso Sprudge

Midtown Manhattan, to many, remains a coffee mystery. Way back in 2009, when Culture Espresso opened its doors at the highly unlikely intersection of 6th Avenue and West 38th Street, specialty coffee was still a twinkle in the neighborhood's eye. In fact, you were far more likely to find a specialty button in this area, once the notions and … [Read more...]

In Williamsburg, A Colombian Mega Cafe With Ambitious Plans

Cafe Devocion Brooklyn Colombia Sprudge

In a cafe-saturated city like New York, it takes a lot to get noticed, and a sharp focus can set a business apart. The city's already seen a smattering of niche cafes that specialize in, or exclusively serve, coffees from one particular origin, from the boutique—Café Integral (Nicaragua) to the more mainstream—Bourbon Coffee (Rwanda), Juan Valdez … [Read more...]

Building Bridges to Better Restaurant Coffee In NYC

luke dirks happy cooking nyc restaurant coffee sprudge

It's a true Third Wave First World Problem. While some cities are still only dreaming of that magical cafe that will produce elegant drip coffees and reliable espressos, others are flooded with talented contenders, and have moved on to the next complaint: restaurant coffee. Why, why, why, we always ask, is restaurant coffee so bad? Why end a … [Read more...]

Blue Bottle + WeWork Collaborate To Caffeinate Bryant Park, NYC

Blue Bottle Bryant Park NYC Sprudge

It's a real estate idea that's caught on worldwide, but holds particular value in dense downtowns and on crowded isles like Manhattan: the lease with benefits. Whether it's retail or residential, developers, landlords and business owners of all stripes have quickly hitched themselves to the convenient, delicious, and lucrative asset that is an … [Read more...]

We Need To Talk About This Latte, Taylor Swift

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.09.55 AM

As part of her recent #viral marketing campaign to promote the benefits of moving to New York City, Taylor Swift has Instagrammed this photo of a latte with the hashtag #WelcomeToNewYork. The campaign and its widely derided socio-cultural implications aside, what the fuck is going on here? That latte looks terrible. It looks like the froth was … [Read more...]

Feel Good Drinks Of Fall: The Apple Betty Cappuccino From Tobys Estate Brooklyn


A month ago we announced our new Feel Good Drinks Of Fall series, where we celebrate the latest and greatest in cozy coffee drinks. The series was inspired in part by this out of control S'mores Gibraltar from Onyx Coffee Lab, which the internet (our staff included) just could not get enough of. Submissions have been rolling in since then, and with … [Read more...]

Toby’s Estate Announces West Village Cafe & Brew School

Toby's Estate West Village New York City Sprudge

The third U.S. Toby’s Estate café is slated to open next month in Manhattan, continuing the Sydney-founded brand's growth in North America after launching in Brooklyn in 2012. In advance of that opening, Toby's New York owners Amber Jacobsen and Adam Boyd gave Sprudge a peek into the forthcoming shop. The extensively renovated space sits among … [Read more...]

More Questions Than Answers At The Friends “Central Perk” Cafe


I must admit I'm not the ideal person to cover a pop-up coffee shop dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of Friends, one of the most popular sitcoms in television history. I was certainly one of the 52.46 million viewers who watched Rachel and Ross finally get together for-real-no-take-backsies, but it was maybe the tenth episode I’d ever seen. … [Read more...]

Where To Surf The Nordic Coffee Wave In New York City

Budin New York City

This weekend heralded the frosty kickoff of the NORTH 2014 Nordic Cooking Fest in New York City, a pan-culinary celebration of the cuisine, skill and innovation of Scandinavia. In a world that's come to esteem Danish cooking as highly as Chinese food by way of Oklahoma City, this festival has hopped on the Nordic food bandwagon and is holding it … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Odradek’s Bar In Brooklyn, New York

Odradeks Bar 004

It's new American breakfast, it's British brunch, it's German vegan. It's in Midwood! It's Odradek's Bar! Our build outs of summer series continues with high-end coffee and slushies, soon arriving in Midwood, Brooklyn. Midwood—or Flatbush, as this larger section of Brooklyn that overlaps it may be called—might not be the first spot on your … [Read more...]

Taking Coffee To Heart At Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream, NYC

Morgenstern's Fine Ice Cream NYC

Line up a panel of people who take their coffee very, very seriously and it's a safe bet more than a couple of them will take umbrage at coffee as a novelty. At coffee as a flavor. At coffee as a category of ice cream flavors. But line up a pastry chef or dairy master who takes his or her ice cream very, very seriously? And you'll find an … [Read more...]

“Birds Of Unusual Vitality Vol. 2″ Now Available In Select Cafes, Online


Eileen P. Kenny is the talented photographer and writer behind the coffee web's premiere interview magazine, Birds of Unusual Vitality. She is also Melbourne desk, and we recently partnered with her to publish Birds of Unusual Vitality Vol. 2, a compilation of engaging interviews with coffee folk from around the globe. This book is now … [Read more...]