The Central Perk Cafe From “Friends” Is Real (In China)


On the sixth floor of an apartment complex in Beijing there is a replica Central Perk, the cafe hangout space from the television series Friends, a popular sitcom that ran from 1994 to 2004 on NBC. It's so successful the proprietor has opened a second location in Shanghai. Its owner, an avid Friends fan, even kind of looks like Gunther, Central … [Read more...]

Buzzing The Airwaves: Coffee Week On National Public Radio’s Morning Edition

(Kazuki Yamamoto)

American radio news program Morning Edition and NPR blog The Salt team up to celebrate coffee this week with some exciting and in-depth stories on the subject. Here's a recap of what they covered during the week - from a simple quiz on the basics of coffee to the genealogy of it (and then along comes Jerry Seinfeld!) All in all, this was a great … [Read more...]

The Pope Prefers Ristretto, And Other Fun Papal Coffee Facts


In a 2009 profile of then-Cardinal Jose Mario Bergoglio, Spanish magazine La Nacion dropped this juicy piece of gossip about his infrequent work trips to Rome (translated): "I like to walk the Italian capital and take ristretto in cafeterias, leaning against the counter." NPR reports that the new Pope, now a full-time Rome resident (obviously), … [Read more...]

“Women’s handprints can be found at every point in coffee…”


Allison Aubrey writes for NPR's The Salt blog, who today published this feature on four East African coffee producers visiting DC as part of a trip funded by the International Women's Coffee Alliance and the International Trade Centre's Women in Coffee Project. The four women are representatives of Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya, and their … [Read more...]

Ugggh: NPR Tackles That Cat Poop Coffee Thing


Another article on Kopi Luwak is floating around the internets. It's just going to keep happening. The story of coffee via an animal's digestive tract sells. The latest is from Claire O'Neill from The Salt, NPR's food blog. To her credit, she interviews some smart folks, brings up most of the negative aspects of the product (animal cruelty, poor … [Read more...]

NPR Thinks Iced Coffee’s Cool, And Other Bad Headlines


From our ever-expanding MSM "bad coffee pun headline" department, a pretty-darn-not-bad feature out of NPR NYC, authored by "All Things Condisered" host Amy Eddings and featuring an interview with Dallis Bros. gal-about-town Teresa von Fuchs: Teresa von Fuchs, the coffee and espresso consultant for Dallis Bros. Coffee, thinks cold-brew is unfairly … [Read more...]