San Francisco: Four Barrel Coffee Drops Soy Milk


In a landmark decision made earlier this month, Four Barrel Coffee has officially gone soy free. Citing environmental, health, and taste reasons, Four Barrel Coffee joins a likeminded cadre of soy-free fine cafes worldwide, including Oslo's Tim Wendelboe, who dropped soy from their menus in May of 2011. Four Barrel will instead offer almond milk, … [Read more...]

Carl’s Corner: Guzzlin’ With The Juggler


Carl Mundy is the field office manager for the Waterbed Warehouse in Twin Falls, Idaho, and an occasional contributor. Past coverage from Mr. Mundy includes the Able Brewing split from Coava, Starbucks' unveiling of the 31 oz. Trenta drink size, and his seminal essay on North California organic food politics, "The GFA's And My Fifth … [Read more...]