James Franco Gay Coffee Instagram Shocker…But What Was He Drinking?


The internet is buzzing after James Franco posted the above photo on his official Instagram feed. It shows the actor/model/writer/director/student snuggling up with a man! It's apparently a jab at something Gawker did, but who cares, the real question on everyone's lips is... what was he drinking? It's obviously a disposable paper vessel holding … [Read more...]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Is Working That New iPhone… But What Was He Drinking?


Ooh, that Tim Cook - he thirsty. A paparazzi took this snap snap of the CEO of Apple while he was in Sun Valley last month. Sure, people are speculating about the new iPhone release - but what we want to know is what was he drinking? A mocha? Some green tea? We asked our expert panel of celebrity coffee drink surveyors to weigh in. Take it away … [Read more...]

Kristen Stewart Dresses Up For Sandy – But What Was She Drinking?


Twilight diva Kristen Stewart shocked a worldwide audience at last night's 12-12-12 Concert For Sandy Relief. Girl was wearing a "silky smooth" number that had social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook buzzing. Miss Stewart has been on a worldwide media junket for the third and final installment of the Twilight Saga, which has officially … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles? Ooh, Girl! But What Was She Drinking?


Gossip blogs are buzzing about a potential romance brewing between One Direction's Harry Styles and Grammy Award winning "country" chanteuse Taylor Swift. They were recently spotted making suspicious separate exits from a swank NYC hotel. Just Jared reports: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles leave her downtown hotel within minutes of each other on … [Read more...]

What Was Katie Holmes Drinking? We Ask Our Panel Of Experts


PopSugar reports that Katie Holmes recently popped into a cafe for a quick pick me up after working hard in New York City: Monday evening, Katie was back on the Broadway stage for the first time in several years, acting in the first preview performance of Dead Accounts. Katie earned a round of applause several times during the debut run of the … [Read more...]