MANE: Building The Next Generation Of Coffee Pros In Rhode Island

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The 2014 MANE (Mid Atlantic North East Regional) Coffee Conference took place this past weekend in Providence, RI. This was the 8th MANE conference, and the second one I attended, and even in the two short years since my first MANE experience, the event has grown substantially, furthering its commitment to bringing accessible, high quality coffee … [Read more...]

Come See Tim Wendelboe, Sprudge & More at MANE 2014


The 2014 Mid-Atlantic Northeast Coffee Conference (aka MANE) is gearing up to take place November 6th-8th in Providence, Rhode Island. This year's event, organized by New Harvest Coffee Roasters, promises to be among the very best in MANE's eight-year history, featuring a screening of the popular industry doc "A Film About Coffee", presentations … [Read more...]

MANE Recap Realness: Five Takeaways


Ahh, glorious MANE, a three day pleasure trip of education, bonhomie, and world-class speaking engagements. Your editors were in full attendance, running around like loony toons getting ready to host and produce not one, but two well-received panel discussions, one of which featured more of our evolving live performance late night TV … [Read more...]

#mane2012: George Howell’s 30 Minute Pleasure Trip


We're reporting to you live from Providence, Rhode Island at the 2012 Mid-Atlantic / Northeast Coffee Conference (actually, we're in Pawtucket, so go ahead with the Pawtucket Patriot Beer jokes). Today's full slate of programming has been thrilling, chilling, and now we're all swilling beer, waiting for 2007 WBC Champion James Hoffmann to give his … [Read more...]

Divine Providence! Sprudge At MANE This Weekend


The Mid-Atlantic / Northeast Coffee Conference - MANE - happens this weekend in Providence, Rhode Island, and your intrepid (and jet-lagged) Editors will be live and in full effect at the event. We'll be joining a star-studded cast of presenters and panelists that represent the toppermost of the poppermost in global specialty coffee - … [Read more...]

Providence: Sprudge At MANE This October


The Mid-Atlantic Northeast Coffee Conference - or MANE - is heading into its fourth year of existence, and truth be told, we've kicked ourselves each year for not being able to attend. But self-flagellation, be gone! will indeed be attending this year's MANE event in Providence Rhode Island, hosted by Providence's own New Harvest Coffee … [Read more...]

Banbury My Heart At Wounded MANE


The MANE conference in Providence, Rhode Island kicked off on Friday. The Mid-Atlantic Northeast Artisan Coffee Conference brings together industry professionals for a weekend of talks, throw-downs and cocktail hours. The MANEACC is described by some as the single most important indie coffee event in North America. "Best darn coffee event in … [Read more...]

Happening Now: MANEACC Mania


The Mid-Atlantic Northeast Artisan Coffee Conference, MANEACC, or simply just "MANE", is happening right now. Call it what you will, but a who's who of coffee have made their way to Pawtucket, Rhode Island, to join together at the Hope Artiste Village. From the MANE Facebook page: MANE is a 2 1/2 day coffee conference for baristas. Chock full of … [Read more...]