Espresso Grinders of the SCAA Priced High To Low


Are you a home espresso enthusiast that wants to up your coffee experience? You'll need a solid grinder. We've been there, tried to go without. "We don't need a grinder," we said. But let's face facts, friends: in this day and age, if you want to make cappuccino at home you're going to have to bite the bullet at get a grinder. Good cappuccino … [Read more...]

WBC Equipment Sponsors: Nuova Simonelli, Mahlkönig, Cafetto


Breaking today is the news that World Coffee Events (WCE), producers of the World Barista Championship and other international coffee events, have announced what equipment will be used on-stage at the 2015-2017 WBCs. Nuova Simonelli and Mahlkönig return as equipment sponsors with the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle espresso machine and the K30 Vario … [Read more...]

The Pancake Epidemic Reaches Seoul, And It’s Serving Stumptown Coffee


This past weekend, the Los Angeles-based creative agency The Pancake Epidemic opened their first-ever public coffee bar in the Apgujeong neighborhood of Seoul. Developed in collaboration with the Korean brand family Kasina, The Pancake Epidemic Seoul is home to cutting edge specialty coffee equipment from the likes of Mahlkonig and La Marzocco, a … [Read more...]

72 Hours Of Coffee, Food & Hip-Hop In Houston


In late February of 2014, co-founder and editor Jordan Michleman traveled to Houston, Texas for a weekend series of events in partnership with Mahlkönig, InterAmerican Coffee, and Blacksmith. Fast-forward a month and he is back in Portland, Oregon, where perhaps coincidentally, the Trail Blazers are set to take on the Houston Rockets in … [Read more...]

Mahlkönig Releases The Definitive “Coffee Shot 101″ User Guide


The Coffee Shot, man - it's taking the world by storm. This new / old way to approach brewing coffee on an espresso machine is all the rage in discerning speciality coffee circles, and it may be coming to a boutique coffee bar near you. But how does it work? And what does it mean? And should you order one? Let's demystify the Coffee Shot a … [Read more...]

Alpha Dominche Steampunk’d The Blue Bottle HQ

screen was in attendance as the rolling Alpha Dominche road show stopped by Blue Bottle HQ on Monday, November 11th, to show off what has got to be one of the fanciest coffee carts in the world. The evening's highlight? A custom Steampunk counter in the Blue Bottle public cupping room in Jack London Square. Walter and Isaac Bombeck from AD … [Read more...]

The Mahlkonig EK43, Specialty Coffee’s Hot New “It Girl”


There's no question about it: Mahlkonig's EK 43 grinder is the "It-Girl" of Summer 2013. The grinder was originally developed for milling spices, but now a passionate cadre of supporters representing the upper echelons of specialty coffee have come out in support of the EK 43 for high-end coffee, and they are extolling its virtues online and via … [Read more...]

BGA and Present: NWRBC PrepFest 2013


It's been strange days so far for the 2013 United States Barista Championship competition cycle, with the kick-off event - the Northeast Regional Barista Competition - postponed due to complications from Super Storm Sandy. USBC regional action will finally get under way next week at the Southeast Regional Barista Competition in Atlanta, hosted by … [Read more...]