Bay Area: You Are A Part Of The Barista Nation


The San Francisco Barista Nation event is happening this Saturday! If you're a Bay Area Coffee Professional, there's no reason not to go - but be quick about it and email for signup information. The organizers of BN have put together a lot of smart presentations. Here's our agenda for January 14th: Leave Sprudge Bay Area … [Read more...]

Rich Man, Poore Man: Cafe To Open At Seattle’s Sitka And Spruce


Under the heading of "Shops To Watch Out For", a new cafe in Seattle's Capitol Hill Neighborhood set to open the week of August 16th: Bar Ferd'nand Coffee, the work of longtime industry stalwart Louie Poore, a space seemingly poised to be a worthy counterpoint to claims that Seattle is kind of stuck in the past. Look for an opening menu of coffees … [Read more...]