Fliquor Bean Wants To Infuse Your Whiskey With Coffee

Fliquor Bean-IMG_3203

For coffee lovers, it may be hard to imagine those times when coffee alone just isn't enough. But just imagine for a moment a scenario in which that sip of  Chemex-brewed glory or even a straight shot of single-origin espresso gives you that edge you need—and then some. Before you allow your brain to implode with the possibilities, read … [Read more...]

The New Huckleberry Cookbook Has A Whole Chapter Devoted To Coffee. Find Out Why.

Huckleberry Cookbook Cover - Photo Credit Matt Armendariz

In the new Huckleberry cookbook launched this week, Zoe Nathan Loeb chronicles her days in the bakery with Laurel Almerinda making muffins, scones, cakes, doughnuts, pancakes, breakfast dishes, and yes, coffee for Huckleberry Bakery & Café, arguably the most popular and delicious place to have breakfast in Santa Monica, California. Nathan owns … [Read more...]

5 Los Angeles Affogatos You Need In Your Life

Los Angeles Afogatos-brewwell-nastassia-johnson

In Los Angeles, there are countless versions of affogato: the enchanting fusion of espresso and ice cream. Sprudge wanted me to find some of the best in the city but I knew I needed help. So I reached out to my friend and food blogger Nastassia Johnson. Nastassia Johnson is the founder of Let Me Eat Cake, and has made a name for herself … [Read more...]

5 Inventive Coffee Drinks That Even Snobs Can’t Resist

5 Los Angeles Coffee Drinks-lamill

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis with a world-class food and drink culture just waiting to be explored (provided you're down to occasionally wait in traffic). The city's coffee scene is particularly exciting, and while there are many exciting single-origin pour-overs and nuanced espresso shots to be had, there's also an exciting strain of fun, … [Read more...]

Coffee Gets A Starring Role In Los Angeles At Superba Food + Bread

Photo by Jesse Carmody

This is the story of a restaurant that believes the coffee program is as important as the food. No, not a fairy tale, but a growing trend we here at Sprudge are documenting as it happens around the world. Today's glimpse into the food + coffee zeitgeist takes us to Venice, California, where Handsome Coffee alum Tyler Wells helms the coffee program … [Read more...]

“Birds Of Unusual Vitality Vol. 2″ Now Available In Select Cafes, Online


Eileen P. Kenny is the talented photographer and writer behind the coffee web's premiere interview magazine, Birds of Unusual Vitality. She is also Sprudge.com Melbourne desk, and we recently partnered with her to publish Birds of Unusual Vitality Vol. 2, a compilation of engaging interviews with coffee folk from around the globe. This book is now … [Read more...]

The Ecuador Interviews: Charles Babinski of G&B Coffee

Ecuador CI Day Two-IMG_1109

Charles Babinski is the co-owner of two cafes in the Los Angeles area, G&B Coffee and Go Get Em Tiger. First for Intelligentsia Coffee, and now for his own company, Mr. Babinski has distinguished himself as one of the most important and influential American barista competitors of the last half-decade, with national top 6 placements in 2010 … [Read more...]

We Went There: H Coffee House In Los Angeles

H Coffee House Sprudge 27

H Coffee House, in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, has been welcoming coffee lovers into its warm, spacious interior for a little over a month. The space feels like a home, and for good reason: It is the project of “Home Restaurant” owner Aram Serobian, who has run that neighborhood favorite next-door for over sixteen years. … [Read more...]

Requiem For A Brand: Looking Back At The Handsome Coffee Years


Did someone say party? According to this timeline from Blue Bottle Coffee, it all goes down August 20th at the Mateo St. coffee bar, which remains an excellent place to throw a shindig. But let's not mince words here, people: this infographic marks not just the beginning of the end, but the quickly approaching end of the end for Handsome Coffee … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Elabrew Coffee, Los Angeles

Elabrew Build Outs of Summer Sprudge 4

In an ever-shifting Los Angeles coffee landscape, it's important to remember that beautiful people need more than beautiful places to go to enjoy beautiful cups of coffee. They need, from time to time, the beautiful cups of coffee brought to them—because frankly who has the time to look for parking in the Arts District anymore—and Elabrew, from its … [Read more...]

10 Beautiful Paper Coffee Cups From “Coffee Cups Of The World”


Let's be real. A staggering 500 billion paper cups are produced each year, most of which are not recyclable or compostable. Finding a reusable solution is far preferable, but in the meantime, one artist is photographing paper coffee cups and turning them into works of art. New York City based photographer Henry Hargreaves finds art in the … [Read more...]

We Went There: Inside Coffee CoLab In Downtown Los Angeles

Coffee CoLab Los Angeles - L1320712

The Downtown Los Angeles coffee scene is rapidly heating up, owing to this neighborhood's availability of retail spaces and ongoing transformation into a destination hub for LA city life. It's a neighborhood in flux, constantly fielding new editions and attracting exciting people from around the world. And now, one of the newest entrants to the … [Read more...]

Where To Drink Coffee In Los Angeles With LA Weekly’s Tien Nguyen


Whip-smart, a keen attention to detail, and a passion for craft--that's the coffee writing of Tien Nguyen. A longtime contributor to the LA Weekly, more recently Nguyen worked with Chef Roy Choi to organize and co-write his memoir, L.A. Son, then headed out on the road for an entertaining and sometimes arduous book tour. Now Nguyen has officially … [Read more...]

Let’s Check Back In On That Tonx & Handsome Acquisition By Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Handsome Switch-1320826

In April 2014 Sprudge.com was first to report that our friends and partners at Blue Bottle Coffee would be acquiring both Handsome Coffee Roasters and Tonx.org, in a move following their recent round of funding and planned expansion to Japan. In a series of blog posts yesterday, both Blue Bottle Coffee and Handsome Coffee Roasters have updated the … [Read more...]

Jeff Newton’s “Americano Mondays” Is Coffee Photography At Its Best


Jeff Newton first fell in love with coffee culture while working at Gold Bar Espresso in Tempe, AZ. Years later, he's a sought after photographer based in Los Angeles whose lens has captured stars like Emma Stone, Tony Hawk, Lindsey Vonn, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Steve Nash, with a client list that includes Nike, Sports Illustrated, Conde Nast, and … [Read more...]

Inside Roy Choi’s New Cafe At The Line Hotel


At the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Normandie, in the vibrant Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, the newly opened Line Hotel is quickly becoming a neighborhood hub. The hotel's gorgeously serene rooms, with concrete walls and stunning views of the city, certainly help, but the big buzz here is the hotel's slate of eclectic food and beverage … [Read more...]