After A Six Month Soft Open, Bar Nine Collective Is Now Live In Los Angeles


Following an extensive soft opening period delayed by layers of permits and hiccups, Bar Nine Collective is now open for business in LA's Culver City neighborhood. Featured in the 2013 edition of our Build Outs of the Summer series, the team at Bar Nine have spent the last 9 months building, roasting, waiting, and practicing for service. Apparently … [Read more...]

Blue Bottle Coffee Buys Handsome and Tonx

handsome coffee julie

Oakland-based Blue Bottle Coffee, fresh off a $25.75 million dollar venture capital funding infusion, is acquiring Los Angeles coffee roastery and cafe Handsome Coffee Roasters as well as LA-based Tonx, an innovative subscription-only coffee roaster. This move marks a major new chapter in the company's expansion plans, which include a recently … [Read more...]

Tyler Wells Exits Handsome, Announces Attractive New Project


It's been something of an open secret in the Los Angeles coffee scene, but today we can confirm that Tyler Wells, 1/3rd of the original founding team at Handsome Coffee Roasters, has departed from the project. This is old news for people that know Wells well; December 16th, 2013 was his last day with Handsome, but no formal announcement has been … [Read more...]

Brunch Watch: Cognoscenti Coffee’s New Modbar Cart At Good Girl Dinette


Good Girl Dinette opened in the spring of 2009 in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The shop's press resume is impressive, including multiple mentions by the L.A. Times, L.A. Weekly, New York Times, and Saveur, and I know many an Angeleno who seeks out Good Girl for their fix of pho, porridge, imperial rolls, banh mi, and rice noodle … [Read more...]

Cafe Design: Graffiti In Los Angeles Is Very Los Angeles


Graffiti Cafe in Los Angeles' trendy Mid City/La Brea district opened in July 2012, with much fanfare. They currently serve Lamill Coffee, alongside a selection of juices and pastries (including fonuts). Reviews are decidedly mixed, but the airy and monochromatic space is truly out of this world. Graffiti stands out with a … [Read more...]

Acne Studios & Il Caffè: Bringing The Swedish Coffee & Denim Lifestyle To Los Angeles


Swedish clothing giant Acne Studios has opened its first west coast US store in downtown Los Angeles, at the corner of 9th and Broadway, just across the street from the Ace Hotel. Joining a growing trend of retail/lifestyle/coffee collabos, Acne has partnered with Stockholm-based coffee shop microchain Il Caffè to bring their own take on the … [Read more...]

Man Vs. Machine: Results From The Duel For Humanity’s Fate


History was made on February 19, 2014, when man competed against machine in a highly publicized coffee brew battle at the LAMILL Roastery in Alhambra, California. The stakes were high as provocateur Nick Cho manually brewed against Alpha Dominche president and CEO Khristian Bombek and his flagship Steampunk machine. It all started with "The … [Read more...]

Momofuku & Le Comptoir Alum Launches Lunch At Go Get Em Tiger


If you're a Sprudge reader in the United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand, the notion of an excellent coffee bar adding a smart new food program might not seem like news. But here in Los Angeles, and across the United States really, the notion of a great kitchen in a coffee bar remains a largely foreign notion. There are exceptions, of course, … [Read more...]

G&B’s Charles Babinski of Los Angeles Is Your 2014 Southwest Regional Barista Champion


Congratulations are in order: this past weekend in Los Angeles, Charles Babinski of G&B Coffee in LA and Laila Ghambari of Cherry Street Coffee in Seattle, were crowned the 2014 United States Southwest and Northwest barista champions. They’ll move on to compete (with a first-round bye) at the 2014 United States Barista Championship in Seattle, … [Read more...]

A Micro-Guide To Food, Drinks, And Coffee In Los Angeles


In honor of the 2014 Big Western Regional Barista Championship, and in the tradition of similar guides we've published to Kansas City, Portland, Seattle, and more, we're proud to present today our micro-guide for Los Angeles visitors over Big Western weekend. But first, let's be up front about something: Los Angeles is not easily encapsulated in … [Read more...]

2014 Big Western Barista Competition Preview


The 2014 Big Western Barista Competition attacks Los Angeles, California this coming weekend, bringing with it barista competitors from Vashon Island to Kailua, Sherman Oaks to Tumwater. For some Sprudge readers, the barista competition circuit is highly interesting; for others, it's a sideshow, proof that speciality coffee exists in its own … [Read more...]

World’s First Look At Verve Coffee’s Los Angeles Expansion

LA Day Two-1020975

  In 2007, Colby Barr and Ryan O'Donovan opened Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz, California. Nearly 7 years later, I'm sitting with them in them the offices of Studio MAI, the design firm who will be creating the first permanent Los Angeles cafe for our friends and partners at Verve. This cafe will be located at 833 S. Spring Street in the … [Read more...]

Man Versus Machine – Who Will Win The Coffee Battle For Tomorrow’s Future?


In 1997, an IBM chess-playing supercomputer known as Deep Blue battled the two-time World Champion Chess Player Garry Kasparov. With human intervention between games, Deep Blue successfully beat Mr. Kasparov, who later accused IBM of cheating. It was a defining moment in computing capabilities and artificial intelligence trumping that of … [Read more...]

A Giant Party For Handsome Coffee’s Second Anniversary


On Thursday, February 2oth our friends and partners at Handsome Coffee Roasters will be celebrating their second anniversary with a block party event at their Los Angeles Arts District headquarters (582 Mateo Street). This event is free, and guests are asked to RSVP via email so as to keep things nice and legal. It's also highly fortuitously timed, … [Read more...]

We Went To Dumb Starbucks And It Was Dumb

Dumb Starbucks LA-1310699

Update: Dumb Starbucks was revealed today to be the work of Nathan Fielder, the host of Comedy Central's "Nathan For You" docu-comedy televsion program. Congratulations to Mr. Fielder for creating the greatest food media dogpile of far. We now return you to our dumb coverage of Dumb Starbucks, due next in Brooklyn in 2 weeks.  In the … [Read more...]

The Wonders of the Coffee Bacon Jam Burger at Eggslut

EggSlut LA-1310650

Chef Alvin Cailan's wildly popular Eggslut has recently graduated from food truck to full on all-day egg bar at Los Angeles' Grand Central Market. Eggslut has been a bit of a cult favorite among LA coffee aficionados thanks to the truck's roving tour outside some of the cities best cafes, and the affection is certainly mutual. To prove his love of … [Read more...]