Espresso Grinders of the SCAA Priced High To Low


Are you a home espresso enthusiast that wants to up your coffee experience? You’ll need a solid grinder. We’ve been there, tried to go without. “We don’t need a grinder,” we said. But let’s face facts, friends: in this day and age, if you want to make cappuccino at home you’re going to have to bite […]

10 Luxury Espresso Machines From The Biggest Coffee Event In The World


This weekend, the senior editors of Sprudge tasked Charlie Burt of Kansas City to check out as many SCAA 2015 espresso machines as possible and document these sweet-as machines. From product launches to stunning customs to reimagined classics, this is a whiz-bang hot-rod look at the dopest, illest, and frankly sickest espresso machines of the […]

La Marzocco Launches Linea PB With “Auto Brew Ratio” Espresso Technology


We are living in a Neo-Italian espresso preparation era. Espresso is being brewed meticulously by fastidious baristas around the world on top of the line equipment. Old world Italian methods like pre-ground espresso, full dosing chambers, 1:3 ratios, and 14 gram baskets are en vogue. What’s old is new again. Perfecting these practices with scales, better grinders, […]

Seattle: We Say Oh Yeah To MmmHmm Coffee

coffee seattle sprudge mmhmm hilliards

It was a busy Saturday night, just before St. Patrick’s Day, when MmmHmm Coffee owner Jon French drove away from Hilliard’s, a popular brewery in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. The place was filled with about 500 people playing beer pong, which you might expect; French’s brand new specialty coffee bar is physically located inside the raucous […]

First Look At The New La Marzocco Linea Mini

Linea Mini Front Back

Home espresso enthusiasts, hold on to your butts. After three years of engineering efforts and two years of development, our friends and partners at La Marzocco are unveiling their newest product: The La Marzocco Linea Mini. The Linea Mini, like the name suggests, is a miniature version of the legendary Linea Classic—a machine that, over […]

Martha Stewart Opens First Martha Stewart Café In New York City


@MarthaStewart opened her first cafe in NYC this morning, using Register! Welcome to Square, Martha. A photo posted by Square (@square) on Mar 12, 2015 at 8:53am PDT I don’t care what anyone else thinks: Martha Stewart gives me life. From bouncing back from her criminal past to lambasting cut-rate Stewart wannabe Gwenyth Paltrow, Stewart […]

Tokyo DIY At Musashi Kihara’s New Woodberry Cafe

Sprudge-Hengtee-Woodberry Cafe 2 - exterior

It’s a rainy Sunday morning in the Yoga area of Tokyo. A few locals lazily dot the streets heading to and from the metro, and the majority of stores lining Oyama-Dori are, for the time being, closed. The avenues echo with the gentle rumbling of passing traffic and the pitter-patter of falling rain, among which […]

Amidst The Canals Of Strasbourg, Great Coffee At Café Bretelles

Cafe Bretelles Strasbourg Sprudge

While Paris has become the focus of France’s specialty coffee scene, slowly but surely there are notable cafes popping up around the country, all helping to develop an ever-growing French specialty coffee identity. One of these places is Café Bretelles, opened in March 2014. It’s Strasbourg’s only specialty focused cafe, and in the time that […]

Petra Roasting Co. Rides The Global Coffee Wave In Istanbul

Petra Istanbul-_DSC9428

Istanbul has been bursting with speciality coffee shops recently, and one of the places leading this charge is Petra Roasting co. in the Selenium apartment residence, just off Barbaros Bulvarı in Gayrettepe. Located inside the Muse Collective art gallery and shop, the space itself is just beautiful. While you enjoy your freshly roasted coffee, you can wander about […]

Latte Art, Modbars And More At La Marzocco UK’s Out Of The Box Event


La Marzocco held their first-ever Out Of the Box event in the United Kingdom this past weekend at BL-NK in London. The shindig gathered together a host of coffee fans for an event offering the opportunity to try endless different roasters’ coffee, to check out all of the latest and greatest products from our partners at […]

La Marzocco Home Custom GS/3 Espresso Machine Unboxing

la marzocco at home unboxing 103

Today our partners are La Marzocco USA are launching a new way to order their popular line of home espresso equipment, called La Marzocco Home. It’s a web-based way to customize La Marzocco’s GS3 home espresso machine–coffee writer Oliver Strand once called it “the industry gold standard”–similar to how you might customize a pair of Nike […]

Wild Displays And Wonderful Coffee At Designjunction London

DesignJunction London Coffee-lights

With an appreciation for design but no formal background, I headed off to ‘designjunction’ last Sunday with very little idea of what to expect. It was the final day of this four-day London design festival; a festival which, since its inception three years ago, has already spread its perfectly-curated wings to Milan and New York. Located […]

Espresso At Home With ChefSteps, La Marzocco, and Charles Babinski

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.16.46 PM

ChefSteps, a popular educational website for food & beverage preparation aficionados, founded by a number of alums from the landmark Modernist Cuisine cookbook, has teamed with our partners at La Marzocco USA for a series of free videos on how to prepare espresso drinks at home. The videos star Charles Babinski, one of the most […]

Seattle: Try Australian Coffees With La Marzocco & Sprudge…For Free!


Seattle! Oh fair city, with considerable aesthetic advantage over all those other population centers, we know that you know a thing or two about coffee. But what you don’t get often–indeed, what nobody in North America gets–is a chance to cup coffees and revel in brand packaging from a plethora of Australian specialty roasters. This is […]

The Pancake Epidemic Reaches Seoul, And It’s Serving Stumptown Coffee


This past weekend, the Los Angeles-based creative agency The Pancake Epidemic opened their first-ever public coffee bar in the Apgujeong neighborhood of Seoul. Developed in collaboration with the Korean brand family Kasina, The Pancake Epidemic Seoul is home to cutting edge specialty coffee equipment from the likes of Mahlkonig and La Marzocco, a pop-up barber shop […]

The Kettle Black In Melbourne: Where Fine Dining Meets Casual Brunching


We know we’ve said this before, but Melbourne really is a city where great coffee and great food often go hand-in-hand, with stalwarts like Auction Rooms and Proud Mary leading the charge for a number of years now. The high-end cafe scene in Melbourne is a vibrant thing, and recently a new group of trailblazers has been […]