Vegan Kopi Luwak? Biotech’s Cruelty Free Coffee Fermentation


DIY fermentation projects ranging from homemade kimchi to cheese and beer are all the rage. A new food biotechnology company named Afineur is experimenting with coffee fermentation…inspired by Kopi Luwak. The birth of Afineur was originally inspired by the infamous Indonesian civet cat coffee. Not by the dubious exotic appeal of coffee fermented in a civet’s stomach, […]

Cat and Laos: The Sands of TIME


A tale of two stories from… First up, a fascinating piece on coffee cultivation in Laos. French colonialists were pushed out of coffee growing regions in Laos during World War 2, and land wars in the decades after littered coffee plantations with unexploded bombs and craters. Now, Laotian farmers are working harder than ever […]