Vegan Kopi Luwak? Biotech’s Cruelty Free Coffee Fermentation


DIY fermentation projects ranging from homemade kimchi to cheese and beer are all the rage. A new food biotechnology company named Afineur is experimenting with coffee fermentation...inspired by Kopi Luwak. The birth of Afineur was originally inspired by the infamous Indonesian civet cat coffee. Not by the dubious exotic appeal of coffee … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week Of February 1st, 2014


Maybe you spent the last week digging out of the latest monster snow storm, or maybe you were just too busy sitting by the fire getting warm. Whatever the case may be, here’s the coffee news you missed over the last seven days—all in one spot. It’s like an unseasonably cold polar vortex, only way more comfortable and easy to read. Cafe … [Read more...]

Kopi Luwak Animal Abuse Is Real, And It’s Getting Worse

Chained civet web

A call to action has been released on the World Wide Web to stop animal abuse associated with Kopi luwak. This petition, created by the World Society for the Protection of Animals, does not address the underlying fallacy behind kopi luwak -  that it is "a ridiculous, literally disgusting fad that retards the public valuation of specialty coffee" - … [Read more...]

Denim Company Creates Perfect American Psycho Parody (Except For The Coffee Part)


Dutch jean company Denham The Jeanmaker collaborated with London creative agency Flickering Wall to create a near-perfect American Psycho parody. The Bret Easton Ellis novel, brought to life in 2000 in Mary Harron's film adaptation, has been reimagined in modern day hipster terms. Watch the video below (warning: violence and language toward the … [Read more...]

Steve Albini Served Kopi Luwak To Dave Grohl


Sprudge readers may remember back in June, when we took Steve Albini to task for advocating on behalf of kopi luwak in a video aired by the AV Club. Much to our shock and delight, Mr. Albini actually saw our editorial, and wrote us an amazing letter, which we then published in its entirety because journalism. That saga continues today. Buried … [Read more...]

Whoa, Steve Albini Wrote Us An Email About Kopi Luwak

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 3.20.15 PM

In a follow up to our article from June 3rd, entitled "Chicago: Steve Albini Shills For Kopi Luwak On The AV Club", we can share with you today an email received by Your Sprudge Editors written by Mr. Albini himself. This falls somewhere on the spectrum for us between the time Four Loko wrote us an email and the time we got to interview Dr. Tim … [Read more...]

Chicago: Steve Albini Shills For Kopi Luwak On The AV Club


Famous musician, recording engineer, and noted polymath renaissance man Steve Albini had to get it wrong sometime, right? The AV Club has this feature out today on Mr. Albini's love of all things kopi luwak, so yes, the answer to that rhetorical question is "yes." In it, he explains to the iPhone cameraman that the palm civet is more efficient than … [Read more...]

Jaunted: Kopi Luwak’s A Hot Commodity In Bali


The travel blog has a Kopi Luwak feature running today, as part of their "What Everyone's Buying" series on tourist trinkets and souvenirs. The article recycles some of the same old hoary cliches on civet poo coffee - it appears they haven't read HuffPost's takedown on the subject - but they do have some interesting details on just how … [Read more...]

Kopi Luwak Exploitation: The Mainstream Media Catches On

This devastating image was taken by The Guardian at a civet farm in Indonesia.

The movement against kopi luwak just picked up a powerful new ally: Oliver Milman, a Melbourne-based journalist writing for UK giants The Guardian. This article published today and written by Mr. Milman amounts to a powerful indictment of kopi luwak and the practices used to obtain it. This feature pulls no punches in its denouncement of kopi … [Read more...]

Ugggh: NPR Tackles That Cat Poop Coffee Thing


Another article on Kopi Luwak is floating around the internets. It's just going to keep happening. The story of coffee via an animal's digestive tract sells. The latest is from Claire O'Neill from The Salt, NPR's food blog. To her credit, she interviews some smart folks, brings up most of the negative aspects of the product (animal cruelty, poor … [Read more...]

…Says Science: Laboratory Kopi Luwak In Florida


Kopi Luwak is just plain nasty. Scientists in Florida have studied the effects of the civet cat's digestive enzymes and have discovered a method to replicate the fermentation/degradation process that goes down. What does this all mean? Well, this could put an end to the cruel and unregulated caging and force feeding of civets. It could also mean … [Read more...]

Civet Pivot: WaPo Denounces Kopi Luwak, Think Geek Parades Ignorance


Here's a laudable denouncement of kopi luwak from James Beard Award-winning writer Tim Carman, now working for the Washington Post: My wife, Carrie, paid dearly for this measly two-ounce packet of civet coffee, or kopi luwak, from Sumatra, which was then shipped to the United Kingdom for roasting. It was eventually sent to the United States in … [Read more...] Just Say No To Kopi Luwak


THESIS When media coverage of kopi luwak appears positive or even curious, it leads to increased interest from the reading public. This is a negative thing for several reasons. ABSTRACT 1. Kopi luwak is not delicious. 2. Kopi luwak is a ridiculous, literally disgusting fad that retards the public valuation of specialty coffee - it is a … [Read more...]

Kopi Luw-ACCK: Just Say Philippi-No


Production of Kopi Luwak is gaining popularity in the Philippines. Laaaaame: "Never in our dreams did we suspect that we could make money out of them," said Montenegro, 44, who switched a few years ago from picking ripe cherries on coffee trees to gathering the undigested seeds excreted on the forest floor. Montenegro and Reyes belong to a … [Read more...]

Cat and Laos: The Sands of TIME


A tale of two stories from First up, a fascinating piece on coffee cultivation in Laos. French colonialists were pushed out of coffee growing regions in Laos during World War 2, and land wars in the decades after littered coffee plantations with unexploded bombs and craters. Now, Laotian farmers are working harder than ever to … [Read more...]