[Video] The Inaugural Flatlander’s Barista Cup


Ooh, girl. Here's some awesome video recap goodness from the recent Flatlander's Barista Cup, which went down in Topeka, Kansas and was held by the folks at PT's Coffee Roasting. This video focuses on the Saturday Night Live Throwdown portion of Flatlander's, and features some explanation from PT's owner Jeff Taylor, as well as interviews with 2011 … [Read more...]

Topeka: The Inaugural Flatlanders Barista Cup


The Flatlanders Barista Cup has been announced by the fine folks at PT's Coffee Roasting out of Topeka, Kansas. It's the inaugural version of this new global specialty coffee event, bringing together baristas, the coffee loving public,  and internationally renowned award-winning producers from Guatemala and El Salvador. Plus 2011 WBC champ … [Read more...]

Kansas City: In An Aeroplane Over The Roasterie


Confidential to Sprudge readers: There's no coffee city in North America we want to visit more right now than Kansas City, Missouri. Some of that is wanderlust - we've never been! - some of that is our well-documented love of BBQ, but most of all we want to check out some of the cafes and roasters we learned about at last year's Big Central … [Read more...]