It’s Complicated: NYT On Pulley Collective, An Open Relationship Roaster Model


Oliver Strand has the scoop in yesterday's NYT Dining and Wine section: Explore Pulley Collective's website here. For more on Joe's new roasting plans, including their newly introduced house espresso blend, please see this complimentary feature by Sprudge staff writer Alex Bernson. … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week of July 27th, 2013


Here’s all the coffee news you missed in the last 7 days —all in one spot. It’s like a really wonderful vanilla latte at Sterling Coffee in PDX on a cool summer morning. B4B Update: We caught up with Joe NYC manager and longtime specialty coffee person Carrie Webster to find out how she’s doing since she was diagnosed with breast cancer back in … [Read more...]

Barista Carrie Webster Speaks With Us About Her Recovery From Breast Cancer


Back in 2012, Joe NYC assistant manager and longtime specialty coffee person Carrie Webster found out she had breast cancer. Her colleagues at Joe New York and friends back in Portland created fundraising events under the banner of "Baristas For Boobs" to help her pay for costly medical bills. We caught up with Carrie a year later to find out how's … [Read more...]

New Event! The Knockbox Classic at Joe NYC January 27th

kc-logo is thrilled to be sponsoring the maiden voyage of the Empire City Knockbox Classic, a brand new kind of barista competition from organizers Matt Banbury and Anna Utevsky of Joe NYC. Part theater sports, part coffee Double Dare, the Knockbox Classic brings together teams of NYC baristas for an evening of brain ticklers, feats of … [Read more...]

Reading Rainbrew: Two Literary Events at Joe Pro NYC


New York City is back, baby, with not one but two fantastic events coming up this week at the Joe Pro Shop (131 W 21st St). On Friday, November 16th, Joe NYC will host Alon Y. Halevy, the renowned computer scientist, coffee enthusiast, friend of Sprudge, and author behind "The Infinite Emotions of Coffee". Here's more from the Joe event … [Read more...]

Pillow Talk: Handsome’s Mike Phillips Grinds In NYC


The menfolk at Handsome Coffee Roasters may be based in Los Angeles, but that hasn't stopped them from taking a bite out of the Big Apple. HCR Owner and World Barista Champion Mike Phillips recently spent ten days in New York City, a whirlwind work-fun combo trip wherein Mr. Phillips did the following: served free iced coffee at the Brooks Brothers … [Read more...]

NYC: Baristas For Boobs II On August 23rd


  Happening this Thursday, August 23rd, the second in an ongoing series of "Baristas For Boobs" benefits hosted by our friends at Joe NYC. These events raise funds directly for Carrie Webster, a longtime barista, former Portlander, and current Assistant Manager at Joe who is currently undergoing for treatment for breast cancer. The event … [Read more...]

NYC: Bernie Down The House With This JoeED Lecture


Journey back in time on June 11th with Sprudge contributor and Joe NYC barista Alex Bernson, as he transports your imagination through the history of Western cafe culture, past and present. Featuring 21 unique slides and a unique design perspective, this lecture is a public expansion on Mr. Bernson's thesis dissertation at Wesleyan University, … [Read more...]

Now Hiring: Coffee Jobs Coast To Coast [Update!]

*UPDATE! for May 14th* Is it time you "Found A Job"? This is an awesome time to be armed with a specialty coffee skill set, as some of North America's top coffee concerns are in need of man power, gal strength, and general industry know-how. Joe NYC and Verve in Santa Cruz are now hiring. If you have aspirations of living and working in … [Read more...]

Now Hiring: New York Coffee Jobs Online


Have you always dreamed of re-enacting some TV show or movie or something, and moving to New York City? Are you just exactly like that girl from "Girls", except without rich, connected artist parents in the fucking first place? Introducing New York Coffee Jobs, a brand new website for baristas considering making the big move to the big city. It's … [Read more...]

Baristas For Boobs Benefit At Joe NYC


This email from Matt Banbury arrived in our inbox yesterday: We here at Joe are throwing a fundraiser for a particularly close cause. One of our Assistant Managers and former PDXer, Carrie, was diagnosed with breast cancer recently. To help this fiesty gal fight the good fight, we are hosting a get together/throwdown Friday April 13th at Joe 13th … [Read more...]

Betting The Irving Farm: Moving To UWS


Newsflash: There is good coffee in New York City on the Upper West Side! The UWS is a largely untapped resource for specialty coffee, perhaps due to the frankly odd way of life that exists there - $6500 a month apartments directly next door to $500 rent controls! doormen that make more during Christmas than you do all year! that remarkable park, … [Read more...]

The Jitters: Espresso Nirvana [Video]

Anyone who has dialed in an espresso, tasted his or her own shots endlessly in prep for competition, been on one of those epic cafe crawls the old folks wrinkle their nose at, or simply trained in the back knows the feeling of drinking too much espresso. When watching this video that's all we can think of...we get those over-caffeinated … [Read more...]

Uncle Morty’s Hanukkah Coffee Gift Guide


Hello there! I'm Uncle Morty Mendelbaum, loosely related somewhere down the line to lead writer Jordan Michelman. We keep in touch; I flew out for his bar mitzvah, and he comes and sees his uncle Morty whenever he's in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area. Anyway, my half-nephew (or whatever facacta relation he is to me) and his business … [Read more...]

Meanwhile At A Cupping In Manhattan…


...there's a dozen or so baristas gathered together around a small, high cupping table. Take a moment and look down - subcultures exist in both form and function, after all - and you'll see leather boots, scufffed New Balances, Keds, Keds imposters. and Keds so impossibly scuffed not even the most astute sartorialist could determine their … [Read more...]

Getting Crafty: Craft Coffee’s The New Hotness


New York-based boutique purveyors Craft Coffee have been around since early 2011, but they're enjoying a recent resurgence in quality and relevance. To be perfectly frank, we've slept on Craft Coffee for awhile, but their most recent shipment to Bay Area HQ made us stand up and take notice - three delightful coffees from Irving Farms, … [Read more...]