Last Week With Ben Blake: Week of June 1st, 2013

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The 2013 World Barista Championship: The city of Melbourne, Australia was the focus of the coffee world last week as the top baristas and brewers from across the globe competed for the titles of best barista and best brewer. After a year full of national barista competitions, countless hours of training, and loads of coffee, your winners have been … [Read more...]

[Video] The Inaugural Flatlander’s Barista Cup


Ooh, girl. Here's some awesome video recap goodness from the recent Flatlander's Barista Cup, which went down in Topeka, Kansas and was held by the folks at PT's Coffee Roasting. This video focuses on the Saturday Night Live Throwdown portion of Flatlander's, and features some explanation from PT's owner Jeff Taylor, as well as interviews with 2011 … [Read more...]