A Brewing Sing-A-Long With Imbibe Magazine and Jason Dominy


Imbibe Magazine teamed up with Batdorf & Bronson's Jason Dominy for an article on some brewin' basics. Like Jason, the feature has a lot of heart. Take a look at the first few tips: 1. Get soaked. Pre-wetting the coffee filter helps heat ceramic and glass brewers as well as rinse away any flavors that a dry paper filter might impart to your … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake: Week of April 6th, 2013


This year, your Sprudge intern was proud to team up with his awesome designer friend Josh Kennedy (@jshknndy) and sister Lauren Bergman (@Inbergman) to design the La Marzocco, Cafe Imports, Barismo, and George Howell Coffee SCAA party poster and ticket. If you’re headed to Boston, be sure to attend! #SCAA2013 Party Preview - SCAA is next week, … [Read more...]

Batdorf And Bronson’s Jason Dominy Goes #2Dto3D


Sometimes folks who work in coffee have a few tricks up their sleeve - outside passions that run the gamut from music to surfing, academia to journalism. For Batdorf & Bronson's Jason Dominy, one of his passions is connecting with folks he knows via social media in a real, meaningful way. It's called "Project #2Dto3D", and there's something of … [Read more...]

Kaffikaze Presents: The Mile High Aeropress Club


Forget restaurants - airlines are notorious for serving up some pretty terrible coffees. This is why coffee enthusiasts the world over are forced to take brewing into their own hands. By now we're sure you've heard stories, you've seen the videos - and now? You can join the club. The Mile High Aeropress Club is a Kaffikaze Facebook group that aims … [Read more...]

Batdorf And Bronson Coffee Ambush CNN Newsroom


What's a coffee ambush, exactly? It's when a bunch of passionate coffee experts come together to drop knowledge and meld minds across the workplaces of America. Communities blend, doors are kicked down (metaphorically, of course), and lives are changed, or at least the part in people's lives where they make and drink coffee. It looks like a lot of … [Read more...]

Nashville: Friday Night Iron Tamper Competition


Nashville area brothers and sisters, lend us your ear, for we have something to tell you: Iron Tamper Competition is on like Donkey Kong. Get on down to the Ugly Mug (1886 Eastland Avenue) this coming Friday night, and be prepared to get jiggy with it, in outer space, on top of a big pizza pie with fireworks in the background. What's an Iron … [Read more...]

St. Louis, Atlanta, Your Brew Fate Is Wednesday


Happening this Wednesday, August 1st, baristas in St. Louis and Atlanta will be pitted against each other in steel cage Skype death match brew battle of gargantuan proportions. Blood and tears will no doubt be shed, as individual baristas compete for fabulous prizes and municipal bragging rights are established. Let's turn to the official Facebook … [Read more...]

Atlanta: Jason Dominy’s Coffee Tour of the PNW


Batdorf and Bronson's Jason Dominy is just getting home from a long weekend spent in the Pacific Northwest, and boy howdy, he brought back some coffee. Atlanta area residents can join Jason for a mind-boggling jaunt through the West Coast coffee scene on Thursday night, 7pm, at the Batdorf and Bronson Atlanta (1530 Carroll Dr. NW). Just look at … [Read more...]