Requiem For A Brand: Looking Back At The Handsome Coffee Years


Did someone say party? According to this timeline from Blue Bottle Coffee, it all goes down August 20th at the Mateo St. coffee bar, which remains an excellent place to throw a shindig. But let's not mince words here, people: this infographic marks not just the beginning of the end, but the quickly approaching end of the end for Handsome Coffee … [Read more...]

Let’s Check Back In On That Tonx & Handsome Acquisition By Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Handsome Switch-1320826

In April 2014 was first to report that our friends and partners at Blue Bottle Coffee would be acquiring both Handsome Coffee Roasters and, in a move following their recent round of funding and planned expansion to Japan. In a series of blog posts yesterday, both Blue Bottle Coffee and Handsome Coffee Roasters have updated the … [Read more...]

Tyler Wells Exits Handsome, Announces Attractive New Project


It's been something of an open secret in the Los Angeles coffee scene, but today we can confirm that Tyler Wells, 1/3rd of the original founding team at Handsome Coffee Roasters, has departed from the project. This is old news for people that know Wells well; December 16th, 2013 was his last day with Handsome, but no formal announcement has been … [Read more...]

The Wonders of the Coffee Bacon Jam Burger at Eggslut

EggSlut LA-1310650

Chef Alvin Cailan's wildly popular Eggslut has recently graduated from food truck to full on all-day egg bar at Los Angeles' Grand Central Market. Eggslut has been a bit of a cult favorite among LA coffee aficionados thanks to the truck's roving tour outside some of the cities best cafes, and the affection is certainly mutual. To prove his love of … [Read more...]

Jerry Seinfeld And Patton Oswalt Go To Handsome Coffee Roasters


In the latest episode of web series "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee," comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Patton Oswalt spend a little quality time with our friends and partners at Los Angeles' Handsome Coffee Roasters. We reported on the filming back in October, and now the full episode is out for the world to see. This marks the first time the … [Read more...]

That Time Jerry Seinfeld And Patton Oswalt Went To Handsome Coffee Roasters


We here at Sprudge are huge, outspoken fans of Comedians in Cars - from this early episode with Larry David, to the time Jerry Seinfeld tweeted at us, to the renewal of the show's second season - it's safe to say we're big boosters. We've even gone so far as to issue Mr. Seinfeld a coveted Sprudgie award for Best Video, for the show's emotional … [Read more...]

Join Us For A Handsome Open House – This Friday In LA


This coming Friday, September 27th, is the kick-off a momentous weekend in the Los Angeles area, centered around the Barista Nation LA event happening Saturday, September 28th. What better way humanly imaginable to ring in a weekend of fun than to begin partying on Friday night? You're right, there is no better way, and we just so happen to have … [Read more...]

A Hunk Abroad: Handsome Chris Owens In Latin America


One of our very favorite things in the world is travel writing - the kind that really takes you places, shows you incredible sights and sounds, and contains highly detailed descriptions of what to pack. Ok, so maybe that last part is a kind of underserved genre, but packing concerns are actually a really important thing. It's the 21st Century, … [Read more...]

Tyler Wells, Foodie: Handsome Co-Founder’s Nice Dining Pop-Up


Dining and coffee enthusiasts, unite! Welcome to's Restaurant Week - a varied and voluminous look at the intersection of coffee and food in Our Modern World. We'll be running features all week long from the very best writers in coffee. Hear ye, Los Angeles dining and specialty coffee lovers: Handsome Coffee Roasters co-founder Tyler … [Read more...]

[Video] Handsome, LAMILL, Blue Bottle…and Ashton Kutcher?


Subculture Club is "a documentary-style show that takes you on an exploration of lifestyles and communities that are not typically known or experienced by all." In their most recent episode, a team of videoists spent time with the doers and dreamers at three of California's best coffee roasteries: Handsome Coffee Roasters, Blue Bottle Coffee, and … [Read more...]

NYC: Baristas, Bloomingdale’s, Brooklyn, and Bingo!


New York City is buzzing with events this weekend! NYC - where the "C" stand for coffee! There are two really cool coffee events happening on Saturday, November 10th - and to the untrained eye they seem to be clashing - but if you play your cards right you can make it to both and still have enough time for Le Bingo with Linda Simpson at Le Poisson … [Read more...]

Pillow Talk: Handsome’s Mike Phillips Grinds In NYC


The menfolk at Handsome Coffee Roasters may be based in Los Angeles, but that hasn't stopped them from taking a bite out of the Big Apple. HCR Owner and World Barista Champion Mike Phillips recently spent ten days in New York City, a whirlwind work-fun combo trip wherein Mr. Phillips did the following: served free iced coffee at the Brooks Brothers … [Read more...]

International Delight Recap: A Worldwide Whirlwind


On Friday, May 25th, a crowd of 80 some people gathered together at Handsome Coffee Roasters, in Downtown LA, for our third in a series of public cupping events. We reached out to dozens of roasters from around the world, and did they ever deliver. Wth cupping supplies and event sponsorship provided by Visions Espresso Supply, we were overjoyed to … [Read more...]

International Delight! A Sprudge Cupping In Los Angeles


We're thrilled to announce our third Sprudge cupping event, to be held on Friday, May 25th in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California. Our first two events - Rwandalust in Portland, and Colombiana in Seattle - were themed by origin. This upcoming event will feature coffees from an open variety of origins, as crafted by roasters located … [Read more...]

Say Hello To The OTHER Handsome Coffee


Handsome Coffee Roasters have had a busy first 9 months:  2011 saw the former Intelli gents met with fanfare, acclaim, major media coverage, mockery, and the blogatorial implication they're The Backstreet Boys of coffee. And you know that saying, about how imitation is the highest form of flattery? Meet Handsome Coffee Company, of Albany, … [Read more...]

Now Drinking: Handsome Coffee Roasters


The staff at Hayes Valley HQ is beyond enamored with the Handsome Coffee Roaster coffees that keep showing up to our door. It's like Christmas on our doorstep, but with Mike Phillips instead of Santa. The green coffee itself comes from Coffee Shrub and is roasted somewhere - perhaps out of the back of a van - in Southern California. Our … [Read more...]