Here Is Some Spooktacular Latte Art Because Halloween


Halloween is today here in the United States, that means a lot of spooking, some scary looking ghouls and goblins roaming the treats in search of tribute, and markedly less thought being put into content across all corners of the internet. It's Friday. It's Halloween. Let's look at some spooktacular latte art and maybe eat some candy corn and be … [Read more...]

What If The 1996 Halloween Film “The Craft” Was About Baristas?

What if the 1996 classic The Craft were about a coven of baristas obsessed with latte art throw-downs? Wouldn't it just be the best? We're almost at the twenty-year mark for this Halloween classic - so is it too early for a girl to dream about a remake? The whole thing takes place in Los Angeles, which is just a hot bed for coffee activity as of … [Read more...]

8 Scary Coffee Stories To Tell In The Dark


The Ordered Your Coffee And Pastries And Left Your Wallet At Home The Line Out The Door On Your Fifteen Minute Coffee Break The Man Who Took Your Large Nonfat Latte But Actually Ordered A Small Mocha The Overzealous Barista Who Wants To Tell You Everything About Your Coffee At 6:30AM The Lukewarm "Because It Tastes … [Read more...]

Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review For 11/3/2012


Presented by Joanna Han, our trusty intern, whose ability to file in time for Saturday morning is truly unparalleled. Halloween & Hurricanes: Hurricane Sandy had a big impact on the east coast this week, but the worst is definitely over, and we've been heartened to watch how folks across the region have come together to support each other … [Read more...]