Beans To Watch Out For: Verve Coffee’s Panama Green-Tip Gesha


Our friends & partners at Verve Coffee Roasters are back again with a late 2014 stunner: this year's release of Verve's popular Panama Elida Estate Green-Tip Gesha is now available for sale in highly limited quantities via Verve's web store, alongside a couple other limited supply gesha variety coffees from Panama and Costa Rica. Panama … [Read more...]

Geishas! Cascara! Slurping! At A Coffee Cupping In Melbourne

5 Senses Panama Cupping-IMG_0289

I’ve got to admit—I don’t find a huge amount of time in my day-to-day to attend cuppings. Working full-time in a busy café and writing and taking photos the rest of the time, there’s not a whole bunch of space for the ol’ slurp and spit. That said, when a cupping table full of coffees fresh from Panama arises, it’s rather hard to turn down. … [Read more...]

Meet The Winners Of The 2015 Hong Kong Coffee Championships

Hong Kong Coffee Championships-2014HKbarista3

It's barista competition season again, folks! There may have been only three short months since the 2014 World Barista Championships in Rimini, Italy, but national competitions are already revving up, ahead of the 2015 WBC happening in Seattle. One of the first national competitions of the year was the 2015 Hong Kong Coffee Championships, which … [Read more...]

Is This The Most Expensive Coffee Ever?


A seller on eBay is auctioning a "VINTAGE STUMPTOWN COFFEE PANAMA ESMERALDA GEISHA IN COLLECTOR JAR" and its starting bid is set at $3,000. Buyers have the option of purchasing the item outright for $6,000. Shipping is free. The coffee in question hails from the 2011 harvest of the famed Panama Esmeralda estate, and was roasted on January 23, … [Read more...]

[Video] Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Goofy Geisha Gotcha

There's been a whole lotta chatter in the last week or so about Starbucks, Green Mountain, and the Geisha / Gesha / Gecha coffee variety. From Time Magazine ('s blog) to a panopticon of content-starved local news affiliates, the mainstream media has made great hay over Geisha in the last week or so. We've been struggling to find the right … [Read more...]

The Verve Coffee Roasters Geisha Tin


Santa Cruz based Verve Coffee Roasters (where "to go" is called "to shred") have two Panama Geisha coffees available wrapped in gift-ready tins that are just drop dead classy. The custom tin is heavenly, the apothecary jar divine. Are you kidding me? I mean, really... This is a hand-numbered, half pound bag, packaged in custom coffee tins made … [Read more...]

Stumptown Coffee Is Back In San Francisco


Phillip Ma, owner of multi-roaster cafe Ma'velous, poses for with a five pound bag of Hairbender. Ma'velous is serving Stumptown Coffee in San Francisco, marking the first such wholesale account in the Bay Area.¹ When we visited this afternoon, Phillip was pulling Hairbender and offering Decaf Colombia La Piramide in a number of slow … [Read more...]