Sick Stereo Setups at San Francisco Cafes

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The Bay Area takes a lot of pride in its abundance of gorgeous, interesting, and quality-focused coffee shops. The scene here is relatively longstanding and established - all the way back to the Peet's days in the late 60s - and by now, pretty much any style of cafe you can imagine has been tried at least once in either San Francisco or Oakland. … [Read more...]

San Francisco And Los Angeles Will Battle To The Death Tonight

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The Bay Area Latte Art Competition cycle concludes this evening at Four Barrel Coffee in the Mission District (375 Valencia). The Bay Area Coffee Community has been organizing these monthly latte art throw-downs since January 2013. Tonight's will feature a Bay versus Los Angeles showdown, where a gang of latte artists (like famed barista Runei … [Read more...]

Four Barrel Portola Now Open In San Francisco


There’s no sign on the building, indicating that it’s a Four Barrel location. Well, I take that back; there is a sign on the building, but it’s on the roof, conspicuously advertising the San Jose Sharks NHL Championship to the drivers on California Highway 101. The building is, however, unmarked at street level. It’s on a dead end street that butts … [Read more...]

Alpha Dominche’s Epic Steampunk West Coast Tour


There's a bit of a tour afoot next week down the West Coast of the United States, put on by our friends and partners at Alpha Dominche and Mahlkonig. Dubbed "Punks On The Run", Alpha Dominche teams up with some of finest West Coast roasters to throw events and some of the best coffee bars in PST. The folks at Alpha Dominche will be showcasing … [Read more...]

Grand Opening: Menotti’s Coffee Stop, Venice Beach


The much anticipated new project from barista superstar Christopher Nicely Abel Alameda is now open, and we've got an inside look from our LA desk chief, Julie Wolfson. It's called Menotti's Coffee Stop - you can start the buzz now. Nicely pulls shots of Four Barrel Coffee from a mint-turquoise La Marzocco FB/80. Custom Hedley & … [Read more...]

San Francisco: De La Paz To Open Cafe With Wise Sons At Contemporary Jewish Museum

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Breaking here first on, De La Paz Coffee Roasters will be opening a brand new cafe later this week at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, in a partnership with Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen. The joint venture will have its soft opening this Friday from 11am-4pm, and will open for business the following Friday, August 2nd with operating … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week of May 4th, 2013

Doodle: "Canon of Baratza," a quick brewing guide at the expense of DaVinci.

A quick update from your Trusty (and Chivalrous) Sprudge Intern: My time in Italy is coming to an end. In just 6 short days, I'll be back in the US—you can find me this summer galavanting around the streets of Seattle. Starting in August, I'm proud to announce I'll be joining the amazing team at Peregrine Espresso in Washington DC! UKBC Champ … [Read more...]

San Francisco: Four Barrel Coffee Drops Soy Milk


In a landmark decision made earlier this month, Four Barrel Coffee has officially gone soy free. Citing environmental, health, and taste reasons, Four Barrel Coffee joins a likeminded cadre of soy-free fine cafes worldwide, including Oslo's Tim Wendelboe, who dropped soy from their menus in May of 2011. Four Barrel will instead offer almond milk, … [Read more...]

First Look: The Mill, A New Cafe From Four Barrel Coffee [Video]


F0ur Barrel Coffee opened four years ago in San Francisco's Mission District. It's been a wild four years for the Sprudgie Award-winning roaster, from lifestyle subscriptions to boar heists, viral videos to documentaries, with no shortage of delicious coffee in-between. When companies do really well, they get to try new things. Meet The Mill, a … [Read more...]

SF’s Four Barrel Turns 4, Ups Ante With Lifestyle Subscription


We love subscription services. It's no secret - we've profiled more than a few over the last 3 years on Sprudge. But on a recent visit to San Francisco's Four Barrel Coffee Roasters, we learned about a new subscription upgrade in a very old fashioned way: pamphlets on the bar counter. Let's get this out front: Four Barrel is not a Sprudge … [Read more...]

Update: Four Barrel Boar Heist Caught On Tape


Last week's Four Barrel boar heist was caught on video, and it's quite a scary scene. Folks waiting on line don't notice the masked bandits until someone mutters "what's going on?" It gets exciting when barista Justin Teisl grabs the boar just as the thieves are about to escape, wrestling one of the masked bandits to the ground. It's a whole … [Read more...]

SF: 7×7 Magazine On Customer Service


When we set out to make "Shit Baristas Say", it was a joint collaboration between two writers who've experienced a panopoly of snark from shitty baristas, from both behind and in front of the bar. Technical skills, latte-art skills and pour-over skills don't mean anything if your customer service sucks. Read Sara Deseran's 7x7 article about … [Read more...]

KQED Forum With San Fran Coffee Barons


Local San Francisco NPR affiliate recently interviewed the owners of leading cafes in the Bay Area, including James Freeman of Blue Bottle, Jeremy Tooker of Four Barrel, and Eileen Hassi of Ritual.  One of our favorite coffee bloggers had this to say about the affair: The radio program played out like your typical coffee innovator/”third … [Read more...]

Hiroshi Sawada’s California CoffeeKids Tour


Hiroshi Sawada (Streamer Cofeee, Tokyo) is a world class latte artist and purveyor of all things style, design and caffeine. The man who famously donated his Millrock Latte Art novelty check to CoffeeKids is in California this week, pouring triple rosettas and raising money for CoffeeKids. He's already poured at the Clif Bar factory and Four Barrel … [Read more...]

Tal Mor Hideously Disfigured In Drawing


It slipped through cracks of our SuperOffice Rumpus Club back in February, but the legendary Tal Mor of Four Barrel (to some, "Tal Mor Barrel") was interviewed in a piece that ran months ago on the website Yr Doing A Great Job. Snip: The specialty coffee industry is a small one, and is growing. When I first started working in coffee in New York … [Read more...]