We’re Engaged! Everything You Need To Know About Coffee Week At Fast Company

The masthead at Fast Company this week.

Hold on to your butts! It's Coffee Week at Fast Company, the executive-business-design-innovation-lifestyle network of publications. They're leading things off with a multitude of Monday morning curated coffee content--eight articles so far from seven different writers!--including two tent-pole articles: "The Multimillion Dollar Quest To Brew The … [Read more...]

Quality Control At Starbucks: A Team Of 7 Decides On 400 Million Pounds Of Coffee Year

via Co.Design

Co.Design, Fast Company magazine's online business & design outfit, just posted an article about their visit to the Starbucks cupping lab entitled  How 7 People Test 400 Million Pounds Of Starbucks Coffee A Year. The article is focused on how the cupping approach to evaluation--"keep your mouth shut, and simply move a glass just two inches left … [Read more...]

Fast Company Goes Inside Starbucks’ Leadership Lab


Fast Company's Sarah Kessler was recently on hand to check out the brand new Starbucks Leadership Lab, housed in a convention center in Houston. She joined 9,600 Starbucks store managers as they were lead through twenty exhibits feature 5,000 live coffee shrubs, a drying patio for hands on raking, an enormous empathy exhibit with a floor of used … [Read more...]