Holiday Wish List: Shay Aaron’s Quirky Coffee Jewelry


Shay Aaron, an Israeli artist based out of Tel Aviv, sells glorious miniature food jewelry. Aaron's work has been featured in blogs like the Huffington Post, and recently Katie Carguilo, the United States Barista Champion, was spotted sporting the coffee bean studs ($15.50). We think it's an absolute holiday must for the coffee lover in your life. … [Read more...]

The Espretsy Holiday Gift Guide


Welcome to "Espretsy",'s exclusive holiday gift guide to the weird, great and just-gotta-have-it coffee products of! It's no secret - Etsy is the world's favorite internet depot of handcrafted crap. You didn't know you needed this stuff, but Etsy can do it all, offering a one-stop showcase for the Internet Generation's … [Read more...]