[Video] Official Trailer For “A Film About Coffee” Released

Filmmaker Brandon Loper has been working on a feature film about specialty coffee. We had the chance to meet Mr. Loper at our Cupping California event at SFMoMA in August, where he shot scenes of guests cupping a table of over forty different coffees from California roasters. The trailer for his film features Ritual Coffee Roaster's Eileen Hassi … [Read more...]

Cupping California: Most Choice Recap Coverage

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  On Thursday, August 9th, a crowd of no fewer than 175 people gathered together at the Blue Bottle Coffee Roasters cafe space on the top floor of SFMoMA for our fourth in an ongoing series of public cupping events. We reached out to dozens of roasters from across the state of California, and the results were simply stunning. With … [Read more...]

Cupping California With Sprudge.com


We're thrilled to announce our next in an ongoing series of public cupping parties, happening in the city of San Francisco on Thursday, August 9th. It's called "Cupping California", a celebration of California specialty coffee roasters - a night of cupping coffees roasted within the wild confines of the Golden State. The event takes place in the … [Read more...]