Inside The Brand New Houndstooth Coffee Dallas Location

Houndstooth Dallas-Outside Wide

When Austin-based Houndstooth Coffee announced last December that they were planning a store in Dallas, it created an audible hum amongst the city’s coffee community. Dallas, where I am based, has in recent years felt like a second fiddle when compared to the wildly exciting food and coffee scene in nearby Austin, a city known around the world as a … [Read more...]

Taking Coffee To Heart At Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream, NYC

Morgenstern's Fine Ice Cream NYC

Line up a panel of people who take their coffee very, very seriously and it's a safe bet more than a couple of them will take umbrage at coffee as a novelty. At coffee as a flavor. At coffee as a category of ice cream flavors. But line up a pastry chef or dairy master who takes his or her ice cream very, very seriously? And you'll find an … [Read more...]

The Ecuador Interviews: Barista Champion J. Park Brannen of Counter Culture Coffee

park brannenn cafe imports ecuador-0874

The coffee pride of Georgia turned atypical New Yorker, in 2014 J. Park Brannen of Counter Culture Coffee mustered a barista championship victory during the United States regionals, earning himself a spot on a Cafe Imports origin trip to Ecuador. Assistant Editor Alex Bernson interviewed Mr. Brannen about life, competition, and coffee … [Read more...]

We Went There: H Coffee House In Los Angeles

H Coffee House Sprudge 27

H Coffee House, in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, has been welcoming coffee lovers into its warm, spacious interior for a little over a month. The space feels like a home, and for good reason: It is the project of “Home Restaurant” owner Aram Serobian, who has run that neighborhood favorite next-door for over sixteen years. … [Read more...]

Katie Carguilo’s New Role At Counter Culture Is A Coffee Dream Job


Katie Carguilo is a seasoned coffee professional who has won barista competitions, been all over the television, toured the world, and graced the cover of magazines. Carguilo took home the 2012 United States Barista Championship belt and has helped helm our friends and partners at Counter Culture Coffee in New York City for the last seven years. … [Read more...]

Brunswick Cafe Launches In Bed-Stuy, As The Australian Coffee Take-Over of NYC Rolls On


Cafe owner and entrepreneur-about-town Alex Hall unveiled a new cafe Monday in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. The cafe, called Brunswick, is the first in of a series of Brunswick shops throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, and is named as a nod to Hall's native Australia. Indeed, Hall, who is most famously the proprietor of Milk Bar on … [Read more...]

Counter Culture Coffee To Shed Light On Kenya Crisis In Eight Cities Across America Tomorrow


It seems like everyone wants to know: what's the current situation with the coffee crisis in Nyeri, Kenya? On April 30th our friends and partners at Counter Culture Coffee will attempt to answer that question, at an event that also marks the kick-off for a new season of the Counter Culture Professional Development Series. These happenings are … [Read more...]

Nuova Simonelli’s New Espresso Gear Coming To NYC, KCMO, Oakland, and Seattle


The Nuova Simonelli Mythos One Clima Pro grinder and Victoria Arduino 388 Black Eagle espresso machine launched at HOST last October in Milan. After a busy launch event at the London Coffee Festival, these cutting edge coffee machines are finally starting to land in the US, starting Tuesday, April 22nd with an event at the Counter Culture Coffee … [Read more...]

Counter Culture Coffee Hosts “Sustainable Spring” Events Across The USA


Beginning this Friday, March 7th, and on every proceeding Friday through the month of March, our friends and partners at Counter Culture Coffee are hosting a series of events at each of their eight training centers, in promotion of a concept they're calling "Sustainable Spring". These training centers -- in Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Coffee Blog Profiles Erin McCarthy


There’s a new post up today on Birds of Unusual Vitality, specialty coffee’s premiere photo and interview publication written by’s Melbourne staff writer Eileen P. Kenny. In it, Ms. Kenny interviews reigning World Brewers Cup Champion Erin McCarthy, a machine technician at Counter Culture Coffee's New York City office. Here’s an … [Read more...]

Counter Culture Variety Show Curriculum Vitae

Erin says goodbye before taking off into the sunset (and toward another great city).

A coffee company, coffee farm owners, the world's best coffee brewer, an RV, and a dream - the second installment of Counter Culture Coffee's annual "Works In Progress" series has now come to an end, and this is a look back at the wild times what once was. Counter Culture Coffee, along with World Brewers Cup Champion Erin McCarthy and Finca El … [Read more...]

Little Collins NYC: A Midtown Cafe With The City’s First Modbar

little collins-sprudge-1

A good friend told me his father once explained Canada as "Like the United States...just a bit off." If that's true, Australian-influenced Manhattan cafe Little Collins is much the same. It's like any other specialty cafe in New York—just a little bit off. Or, one could say, a little bit more on. Yes, yes—it's a busy, tiny, box of a space, … [Read more...]

Talk About The Passion: An Interview With Chef Hugh Acheson

Photo by Sarah Dorio, courtesy of

In the course of researching today's earlier feature on the newly re-opened 5&10 in Athens, Georgia, had the particular pleasure of interviewing the restaurant's proprietor, Hugh Acheson. Known for his multiple James Beard nominations and wins, Mr. Acheson is inarguably one of the United States' most important restauranteurs, … [Read more...]

Fables Of The Reconstruction: Coffee Charm At Hugh Acheson’s New 5&10


The 5&10 is chef Hugh Acheson's iconic flagship restaurant in Athens, Georgia, and it's recently undergone a pretty serious revitalization, moving from its original location on South Lumpkin Street (opened in 2000) to an historic home on nearby South Milledge. For those who might be unfamiliar, Mr. Acheson is kind of a big deal - he's won Food … [Read more...]

NYC: The Fabulous Coffee Tiki Drinks of Everyman’s Bikini Bar Pop-Up


Starting this week and running till August 31st, New York City's cherished, municipally underappreciated specialty coffee mecca Everyman Espresso are opening their hotly awaited Tiki-themed fancy coffee drink pop-up. It's located at Bikini Bar ( 148 Duane St in Tribeca, Manhattan) and will offer an impressive slate of tropicalia extravaganza coffee … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake: Week of June 1st, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 1.19.38 PM

The 2013 World Barista Championship: The city of Melbourne, Australia was the focus of the coffee world last week as the top baristas and brewers from across the globe competed for the titles of best barista and best brewer. After a year full of national barista competitions, countless hours of training, and loads of coffee, your winners have been … [Read more...]