Unpaid Intern: Weekly Weekend Week In Review For 11/17/2012


Joanna Han recaps our week in coffee on Sprudge.com. Follow her on Twitter @joannakarenina, Instagram, and check out her blog Joanna Karenina on Blogspot.  Dinner (And Decaf!) At Feast Portland: Earlier this fall, Sprudge.com co-founder Jordan Michelman was invited to covere the Stumptown Coffee event at Bon Appetit’s Feast Portland. In the … [Read more...]

Counter Culture’s Fruit Bombs & Fermentation Part Deux


A few weeks back, Sprudge.com had the distinct pleasure of joining our partners Counter Culture Coffee and La Marzocco on their inaugural "Works In Progress" road show, visiting Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Durham, and points in between. We're excited to announce that this week we'll be hopping back in the Cortado Minivan and heading out to … [Read more...]

Counter Culture Transparency Report: 3 Years Strong


Can't stop, won't stop. For the third straight year, Counter Culture Coffee have publicly released their annual Transparency Report, and for the third straight year, we want to bring this remarkable living document to your attention. An overview, from the report itself: This marks our third annual transparency report, and every year it seems … [Read more...]

Counter Culture Coffee Presents: East Coast Road Trip


Our partners at Counter Culture Coffee are taking it to the road for a new biannual exhibition of coffee and expertise, the opening salvo in their new "Work In Progress" tour concept. They're calling their inaugural roadshow "Fermentation and Fruit Bombs," CCC has partnered with La Marzocco USA to host a series of events at Counter Culture training … [Read more...]

Flickr Of Consciousness: Counter Culture Coffee In Bolivia


Counter Culture Coffee has released another beautiful photostream on the Flickr photo sharing service. In this slideshow, CCC visits CENAPROC in Bolivia, winds their way down the newly repaved Yungas Road (the notorious Death Road), and offer running commentary from their newest green buyer, Hannah Popish. Ms. Popish visited CENAPROC alongside CCC … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Counter Culture Training Center, Boston


Summer is a GREAT time to put in all the schmuck work that goes into opening a new cafe. The long Home Depot days, the late paint fume nights, the quirky contractors, the hold-ups, the reclaimed lumber swap meets…it’s a joyful mess, and we love it. All summer long we’ll be featuring build outs and sneak peaks from fab new cafes around the … [Read more...]

Counter Culture’s New “Variety: Bourbon” Line


There's an intriguing new project launching next week from the folks at Counter Culture Coffee. It's called "Variety: Bourbon", an evolving product meant to explore the inherent characteristics found in a single coffee variety, regardless of county of origin. The Bourbon variety is prized for its sweet and clean cup characteristics, and known for … [Read more...]

Carguilo Called Champ! Interview & History


Katie Carguilo is your 2012 United States Barista Champion. Ms. Carguilo competed in the USBC as a regional champion, having last March earned top prize at the Northeast Regional Barista Competition in New York City, where she lives and works. Let's get to know her a bit more, shall we? Katie has worked in the trenches of specialty coffee for … [Read more...]

Auto-Drip Exchange Program


For the last four decades, North American coffee drinkers have been under the voodoo curse of the ever-so-convenient consumer grade electric auto drip coffee maker. By and large, they all suck. Most auto drips on the market, from the cheap to the very expensive, use the same $5 heating element and forty-year old "bubble pump system", a brew method … [Read more...]

Two Cuppings, One Schmuck [Part Two]: Winning The Batlle


Sprudge.com recently attended two top-notch public cuppings, led by Peter Giuliano and Aida Batlle, respectively. Both events took place at the Counter Culture Coffee Training Center in Manhattan. Our second feature focuses on the cupping we attended lead by Aida Batlle. It's a few days after the Peter G cupping, and Aida Batlle is in town to … [Read more...]

Counter Culture Coffee’s Second Annual Transparency Report

It's that time again: Counter Culture Coffee have released their Transparency Report, clearly laying out all their specs at origin, including prices paid, the last time the producer was visited and the length of the relationship between CCC and the farmers. Counter Culture Coffee has been using the Direct Trade model for years, and starting last … [Read more...]

Counter Intel Me Something Good – National Professional Series Dates Announced!

Were you informed, bemused, and left throbbing with palpable delight by our coverage of last December's Counter Intelligence Professional Series event in NYC? Well, set your sensors to "tremble" - Five (5) dates for the 2011 Counter Intel Pro Series have just been announced across the USA! They include: ???Atlanta: March 30-31 Washington, DC: … [Read more...]