Coffee Shrub’s Definitive Guide To Rwanda and Burundi Coffee

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There's some really beautiful new content up over at Coffee Shrub, the Oakland-based green import specialists with a penchant for blogging. Coffee Shrub is home to 2011 Sprudgie Award winner Aleco Chigounis, and alongside founders Thompson Owen (a 2011 SCAA Distinguished Author Award winner) and Christopher Schooley, the three of them have created … [Read more...]

“Women’s handprints can be found at every point in coffee…”


Allison Aubrey writes for NPR's The Salt blog, who today published this feature on four East African coffee producers visiting DC as part of a trip funded by the International Women's Coffee Alliance and the International Trade Centre's Women in Coffee Project. The four women are representatives of Burundi, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya, and their … [Read more...]