Build Outs Of Summer: Oh Coffee Company, Minneapolis

Oh Coffee Company Build Out Of Summer Sprudge 6

What do monster movies and coffee have in common? For Jake Nelson, the two go hand-in-hand. Nelson, owner of Oh Coffee Company in Minneapolis, has spent the last decade building a career in both coffee and special effects make-up in Southern California. Nelson ran and operated a small roasting company next door to the Michael Myers house in South … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Brio Coffeeworks, Burlington, Vermont

Brio Coffeeworks Build Outs Of Summer 696 Pine - Exterior Rear

With news of a Build Out in Middlebury and a new All-Access "Coffee Passport" in Burlington, it's safe to say Vermont is buzzing. Nate Van Dusen, Co-Founder and Director of Quality at Brio Coffeeworks let us in on another news tip--a new roastery and training lab popping up in Burlington with plans to open in early August. Brio took over … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Passenger Coffee Roasters – Lancaster, PA


Originally called "Hickory Town", Lancaster, Pennsylvania is touted as one of the oldest inland towns in the United States. Sources at Wikipedia tell us that the 101st largest city in America boasts "more electronic public CCTV outdoor cameras per capita than any other US city". Perhaps it was the safety and comfort security cameras bring that … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Pour Coffee Parlor, Now Open In Rochester, NY

Pour Coffee Parlor Build Outs of Summer 10

Earlier today we featured the smallest town in Build Outs history on Sprudge: Cañon City, Colorado, home to The Bean Pedaler and a census population of only around 16,000. No one would ever mistake it for our next featured city, the humble Great Lakes metropolis of Rochester, New York, where we find Ryan Baker and Pour Coffee Parlor. Pour is a … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: The Bean Pedaler, Now Open In Cañon City, Colorado


We first met Erica Noel Koenig when she competed for Thanksgiving Coffee Company & Six Degrees Coffee Service at the 2013 Southwest Regional Barista Competition. "Since then," Koenig told us in an email, "I was hit by a car on my bike, had to come home to the small town I grew up in, ended up in a wheelchair for 3 months, regrew some … [Read more...]

Fit Outs Of Winter: Slater St. Bench, Now Open In Melbourne


While folks in North America are deep in the throes of sweaty summer build outs, those on the southern hemisphere are layering up, and the team at Slater St. Bench is celebrating the success of their winter fit-out. The cafe opened its doors earlier this week on St. Kilda Road, in the eponymous beachside district of Melbourne. Jared Lawler of … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Ström Coffee In Richland, Washington (Now Open!)


This is not your average build out. Kelly Nelson fell in love with coffee, and dreamed of one day opening his own cafe in the small city of Richland, Washington. That dream was nearly deferred because of a cancer diagnosis for his daughter, Miette, who loved cool trips and Airstream trailers. Thanks to a donation from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Tandem Coffee West – Portland, Maine

Photo by Abigail Pratt.

Here at Sprudge, our Build Outs of Summer series is in full swing, and, as we've trumpeted earlier in these pages, the coffee situation in food-renowned Portland, Maine, is officially in full swing these days as well. At the forefront of this are our friends and partners at Tandem Coffee Roasters, whose second location is in the throes of a … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Bold Bean Coffee – Jacksonville, Florida

Bold Bean Coffee - Jacksonville, Florida

The 2014 edition of Build Outs Of Summer is in full swing. This series celebrates new cafes, small business, and communities in the making—or in the growing! We’ll be bringing Build Outs of Summer features to you for the next several months, and we’re still taking tips on new projects. As long as white shoes and iced pour-overs are in effect, our … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Pallet Coffee Roasters — Vancouver, BC

Pallet Coffee Roasters

We're steamrolling right along in this, the 2014 edition of Build Outs of Summer,'s roving global construction site dedicated to impending new coffee spaces. The call was put out for submissions, and we've been bowled over by the amount of exciting new cafe and roastery projects from near and far, bustling metropoli and sleepy hamlets, … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Cafe Imports, Minneapolis

Cafe Imports Caitlin Cooreman Build Outs Of Summer 9

The 2014 edition of Build Outs Of Summer has just begun, and oh, do we have a lovely spate of build outs forthcoming. Reports on new specialty coffee spaces under construction are pouring in from around the world, with features in the queue from Istanbul to San Diego. We'll be bringing Build Outs of Summer features to you at a regular clip for the … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Black Coffee Roasting Co. – Missoula, Montana


Welcome to the first entry in our 2014 edition of Build Outs of Summer,'s roving global construction site dedicated to impending new coffee spaces. The call was put out for submissions just a few days ago, and already we've been flooded with info on exciting new cafe and roastery projects from far and wide, major cities and small towns, … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: An Open Call For Submissions!


For the past two consecutive years, we've given over serious page time on Sprudge to a seasonal feature called “Build Outs Of Summer“, in which we profile new and exciting specialty coffee spaces under construction. Our original class of 2012 featured destinations like Artifact Coffee in Baltimore, the Counter Culture Coffee Training Center in … [Read more...]

Last Week With Ben Blake – Week Of September 21st, 2013


Well folks, here we are—the final recap of the summer. Tomorrow marks the start of Autumn, and is saying goodbye to summer with a bang. It’s was a week packed full of great features and stories from all over the coffee world, and just in case you missed it, here’s what’s happened in the last 7 days. Barnett: Our very own Bay Area … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Dapper & Wise In Beaverton, OR


A summer spent looking at new cafes under construction around the world ends today with this, the final entry in our 2013 Build Outs Of Summer series. It's been a wild ride, and we're looking forward to recapping it all for you next week with a very special feature. But for now, let's take a look at a new roster / retailer in Beaverton, Oregon … [Read more...]

Build Outs Of Summer: Pavement Coffeehouse’s Boston Refurb


There's just two days left in the season, and we're down to the wire with the last few entries in our 2013 edition of "Build Outs Of Summer". It's been a wild ride so far, but there's still miles to go before we sleep. Today let's take a look at the extensive internal rebuild happening at the Pavement Coffeehouse near Boston University. Up above is … [Read more...]