8 Predictions For Specialty Coffee In 2013


Now it's time for our annual predictions for the new year! Last year we predicted that Tim Wendelboe would discover a new variety of coffee and name it "Tim Wendelboe"; that James Freeman would be the first man to play jazz clarinet in space; that Intelligentsia founder Doug Zell would give up coffee for a career in professional skateboarding; and … [Read more...]

DCILY Visits Koppi And Anne Lunell


Dear Coffee, I Love You's Brian W. Jones, based out of Sweden, went to Koppi, visited Barista Magazine cover model Anne and her partner Charles and made a weekend out of it: On the train ride between Gothenburg and Copenhagen, there’s a small  but lovely town on the coast of Sweden called Helsingborg. Aside from being home to Ikea’s corporate … [Read more...]