The Great Stephen Vick Puppet Caption Contest

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Stephen Vick is a renowned, world-traveling green coffee buyer with experience at some of the best coffee companies in the United States, including Blue Bottle Coffee (where he currently works), Intelligentsia Coffee, Stumptown Coffee, and Sustainable Harvest. He’s the first person to receive our prestigious Sprudgie Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence, […]

Blue Bottle And Perfect Coffee Founders Talk Acquisition

Blue Bottle PC 1

Yesterday broke the news that Blue Bottle Coffee has acquired Perfect Coffee, a Bay Area start-up  dedicated to advancing coffee preserving and grinding technologies, and the creators of single-serve pre-ground coffee packets that, dare we say it, do not suck. You can read a “just the facts, ma’am” feature about this acquisition here. In the course […]

7 Delightful Coffee Treats At San Francisco’s Ferry Building


When I first set out to write a story chronicling the all of the riches of coffee-related foods in San Francisco’s Ferry Building Marketplace, that grand arcade of high-end shops and fine purveyors, I imagined a 5-course meal foraged from a bounty of espresso-bean-encrusted treats, savory and sweet alike. A full-on culinary experience rife with meats, cheeses, sauces, pastries and […]

Blue Bottle Tokyo Begins Roasting Ahead Of February Debut

tokyo-Blue bottle 04

December 17th, 2014 was a beautiful day in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa: quiet, relaxed, and with a slight chill on the wind heralding the start of another cold winter. Inside the empty first floor of Blue Bottle Tokyo, a single cupping room glows with warmth. There, a table is prepared with two sets of three cups–the results of the […]

Blue Bottle + WeWork Collaborate To Caffeinate Bryant Park, NYC

Blue Bottle Bryant Park NYC Sprudge

It’s a real estate idea that’s caught on worldwide, but holds particular value in dense downtowns and on crowded isles like Manhattan: the lease with benefits. Whether it’s retail or residential, developers, landlords and business owners of all stripes have quickly hitched themselves to the convenient, delicious, and lucrative asset that is an on-site coffee […]

Looking In On The 2014 Let’s Talk Coffee Conference, Part Two


Sprudge Associate Editor Liz Clayton recently attended Sustainable Harvest‘s Let’s Talk Coffee conference in Panama. Here is her second field report–read Part 1 here.  Post-HarVee jubilation, Let’s Talk Coffee leapt right back into its jam-packed schedule Friday morning. Today would be Geisha day, it seemed: the prized, esteemed (and sometimes irrationally chased) coffee variety that […]

Tonx For The Memories: We Talk Blue Bottle At Home With Tony Konecny And Ryan Brown

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Tonx, the Los Angeles-based subscription coffee service acquired by Blue Bottle Coffee last April, has been relaunched today as Blue Bottle At Home. “Tonx is now part of Blue Bottle,” the redirect banner reads. “Same cool stuff, bigger team, exciting new features.” Tonx has been doing the “coffee startup” thing since before it was cool, and […]

Trendspotting: Coffee Invades The Seattle Retail Scene

Seattle Coffee Retail-PioneerSq_MikeRussellFoto-9

Three retailers in two of Seattle’s tourist districts—downtown and Pioneer Square—are using coffee to carve out new niches. These coffee collaborations take advantage of having great “location, location, location” with ready access to sports fans (the Mariners and Seahawks have stadiums nearby) and daily office workers, not to mention the hordes who descend on the […]

Build-Outs Of Summer: Fox In The Snow Cafe, Columbus, Ohio

Fox In The Snow Build-Outs Of Summer 05

Columbus, Ohio. The heart of the heart of it all. And where better, in a slowly emerging coffee scene in a town rich with music culture and the tabula rasa of an inspired, creative arts community (and, uh, a Big Ten football team) than to name your coffee shop after an 18-year-old Belle and Sebastian song? […]

Requiem For A Brand: Looking Back At The Handsome Coffee Years


Did someone say party? According to this timeline from Blue Bottle Coffee, it all goes down August 20th at the Mateo St. coffee bar, which remains an excellent place to throw a shindig. But let’s not mince words here, people: this infographic marks not just the beginning of the end, but the quickly approaching end of the […]

A Whisper Launch For Blue Bottle’s Latest Manhattan Coffee Bar

Blue Bottle - ABC Market-32

Blue Bottle’s newest New York City outlet quietly arrived 5 weeks ago at ABC Home in Manhattan. Continuing their trend of opening some of the smallest stands and shops in the city (like the diminutive Dean St. storefront in Brooklyn), this Murphy Bed of a kiosk is located among the dry goods of the ABC Market in […]

Build-Outs Of Summer: Pinhole Coffee In San Francisco


San Francisco’s coffee scene’s been in full-on explosion mode since the mid-2000s, bringing with it game-raising techniques and cafe design that have rippled across the entire nation. One might argue that the City by the Bay’s achieved fancy coffee saturation by now—but anyone who knows coffee knows there’s always room for one more. We’re excited to feature […]

Let’s Check Back In On That Tonx & Handsome Acquisition By Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Handsome Switch-1320826

In April 2014 was first to report that our friends and partners at Blue Bottle Coffee would be acquiring both Handsome Coffee Roasters and, in a move following their recent round of funding and planned expansion to Japan. In a series of blog posts yesterday, both Blue Bottle Coffee and Handsome Coffee Roasters […]