Extreme Outdoor Coffee Brewing? There’s A Blog For That.


Portland, Oregon based barista Bethany Hargrove (Barista) has stunned us in the past with fabulous barista competition routines. We met up with her again last week in Palm Springs at the 2015 Big Western Regional Coffee Competitions, where she helped judge fifty-two barista competitors from thirteen states. It was there we learned about her hobby … [Read more...]

The Crazy Brilliant Swedish Chef Behind Coffee Machine Cuisine


While you’ve switched out that coffee maker long ago in exchange for more manual coffee preparation methods, chances are, the good ole coffee pot that served you for so many years is probably sitting in your basement collecting dust. Well my friend, it is time to resurrect it back to its glory. But not for coffee. Oh no, using a coffee maker to … [Read more...]

This New Coffee Blog Is Everything Right Now


The new coffee blog "use the handle" is everything right now. The blog seems to have but one purpose - to highlight the unsanitary nature of holding a cup by anything but its handle. We reached out to the blog's owner, who agreed to an interview so long as he / she could remain anonymous. UTH, why so anonymous? I compete in throw … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Coffee Blog Interviews A Fascinating Coffee Producer


Some lovely weekend reading for you and yours is now up live on Birds Of Unusual Vitality, specialty coffee's premiere interview and photo hub, published by our Melbourne staff writer, Eileen P. Kenny. With photos shot on real film, and candid, free-wheeling interviews, it's no wonder why we and many other certified coffee dorks consider Birds to … [Read more...]

FRSHGRND In Copenhagen: Democratic Coffee Bar


Aaron Frey's FRSHGRND is one of our very favorite coffee blogs. In their most recent entry, Mr. Frey explores Democratic Coffee, "One of Copenhagen’s best cafes" located in that city's main library. More from FRSHGRND: Head to the right when you enter the library and you’ll find your way into a room with a long wood paneled bar. You could … [Read more...]

Specialty Coffee Marijuana Blog Blazes New Trail In Washington

"I take two with mine," (Spro & Dro)

In the United States, Colorado and Washington voters passed legislation legalizing marijuana, ending nine decades of pot prohibition. Although it's anyone's guess if these new laws will be fought in court by the federal government, a group of Washington residents have taken to the blogs to express their love of high grade medical cannabis paired … [Read more...]

Knoxious Gas: Kevin Does LA And HATES It


The overall feeling here is of a place long on attitude and short on product knowledge (pretentious menu descriptions notwithstanding), though I have no doubt that customers paying more for a simple cup of coffee than a sane person would pay for a full pound feel they’re drinking the very best. Kevin Knox has penned a scathing piece on his … [Read more...]