Our Take On The Bitter Barista Fallout


[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n Thursday, February 7th, we published a feature on a barista in Seattle named Matt Watson. Mr. Watson is the author of a blog called Bitter Barista. At the time of publication he was an employee at All City Coffee, in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. We're champions of baristas - our three plus years worth of published … [Read more...]

Snark’s Labor Lost: The Bitter Barista, Unmasked


Update (2/13/2013): If you've followed a link to this feature, please consult our latest post on the matter. To view a cavalcade of violent threats and unfortunate punctuation, check out this compendium of hate mail.  The Bitter Barista blog has hit the internet in a big way in recent days, leading to all manner of attention, retweets, Facebook … [Read more...]