PrepFest 2013: Barista Competition Meets Pop-Up Video


December 26th-31th, is revisiting some of our favorite stories from the very exciting past year in coffee. Enjoy! The 2013 United States Barista Championship circuit is heating up, and is here to bring you best-in-the-business live coverage and event preview goodness from throughout this year's competition cycle.. To … [Read more...]

BREAKING! Voters Choose Barista Guild of America Executive Council


Over the last few weeks, members of the Barista Guild of America cast their votes to elect new members of the BGA Executive Council. Long lines were reported at polling stations across the county, and a box of ballots were found floating in a lake near Long Beach. But now, today, newcomers Alexandra Littlejohn and Cole McBride have been elected. … [Read more...]

SEA and PDX: NWRBC PrepFest Happens This Weekend!

Pacific Northwest coffee enthusiasts, lend us your ears. The Barista Guild of America and have teamed up with some most excellent sponsors to bring you the first ever PrepFest, two evenings of barista competition insight and intrigue in advance of the Northwest Regional Barista Competition. PrepFest will be hosted over two consecutive … [Read more...]

BGA and Present: NWRBC PrepFest 2013


It's been strange days so far for the 2013 United States Barista Championship competition cycle, with the kick-off event - the Northeast Regional Barista Competition - postponed due to complications from Super Storm Sandy. USBC regional action will finally get under way next week at the Southeast Regional Barista Competition in Atlanta, hosted by … [Read more...]

Why Not Interview? NW BGA Candidates


While many in the US are wrapped up in the Republican primary season, there's a much more important election just around the bend. This is your last week to vote in the Barista Guild Chapter Representatives election, and you can access the ballot here. Voting is open to all BGA members, in all regions across the United States. Here's your chance … [Read more...]

Brewtbart: BGA Vote Happening Now!


Andrew Brewtbart is a Boca Raton-based author, coffee pundit, and "leading voice of the Conservative Coffee Movement." Writing here exclusively for Sprudge, Mr. Brewtbart has toned down his trademark liberal-bating, instead proudly bringing you a message of impending electoral opportunity for registered BGA members. My Friends, There is no … [Read more...]

An Empty Chair: Jason Dominy Out At BGA

jason & April

After five years, Jason Dominy is resigning from his position as chair of the Executive Council the Barista Guild of America. Jason posted a lengthy explanation over at his blog, and has been up to some exciting things at Batdorf and Bronson over the last year, selling over six hundred Coffee 101 Roastery Tours via Groupon and Scoutmob. He's also … [Read more...]

Pull-A-Shot: Letters From #bgacamp


It took a long time just to get here - a slow, vibrating bus ride up the 101 - and I've left my notebook in a backpack ensconced in the belly of the motorcoach. Nobody's talking, the occupants of this bus, which is evenly split between LAX-Santa Barbara commuters (40-70 year-olds) and people who are obviously Pull-A-Shot campers (20's to 30-ish). … [Read more...]

Pull-A-Shot: Specialty Coffee’s Bohemian Grove?


Remote location, secret handshakes, bizarre rituals, power players: Is Camp Pull-A-Shot specialty coffee's Bohemian Grove? Only dares to ask these and other bold questions, all of which we'll uncover when we attend next week's annual BGA encampment. We're clenching with excitement. Writer and journalist William Henry Irwin once said … [Read more...]

BREAKING: BGA Now Offers Health Insurance Benefits


Breaking via the BGA Blogspot, more than a year's worth of hard work made possible by a joint effort between the BGA Executive Council and the Specialty Coffee Association of America: BGA members now have the opportunity to purchase Health Insurance at discounted rates through access to a group provider. Our partner is Association Health … [Read more...]

The Desert Deserted: SWRBC 2010 Has Been Canceled

tumbleweed guest blogger Carl Mundy (Waterbed Warehouse, Twin Falls, ID): Well, heck. Someone's gone and humped the pooch on the sponsorships for this year's SWRBC. Boy, let me tell you, I'm madder than a turkey on the tweak, seein' as how me an Annabelle were all set to skip church and truck on down the back ridge of the Rocky Mountains to … [Read more...]